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By | February 10, 2017
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Grammar Police a.k.a. Grammar Cops & Comma Clout

I have long been the target of grammar police and pedantic readers who take me to task for my use — or misuse — of the English language. Someone asked me once, if English was my second language. Obviously not, I retorted, I’ve speaked English since I was bored, decades ago, right here in Ohio, USA.

Because of my literary sloppiness, you, my friends, are not required to use perfect grammar when submitting questions or comments to us. Believe it or not, we know of a site, run by someone who actually warns users, that if they submit questions or comments to him that contain grammatical errors, he will not reply!

No wonder he never answers me!

I’m being verbose as I am often wont to do. But without such verbosity, this article would only be about seventy-five words long and thus, too short, for this spritely newsletter.

I ramble no more.

Today, my grammar-o-phile friends, we feature two sites where you’re either going to spend hours looking for some minor grammatical slip-up, or you’re just going to take off your grammar police badge and relax and laugh. I prefer you do the latter, but as we all know by now, you don’t much care what I prefer. I prefer you don’t pick apart my grammatical guffaws. Why not let a few slide. It’s not easy being me, I tells ya!

Without further rambling, yammering or other unnecessary discourse, I present, for your critical review and/or amusement the following to grammar-related blogs:

1. Grammar Police a.k.a. GrammarCops

They don’t have a lot to say, considering their ilk. However, this is what they have to say about their blog entitled, “Grammar Police a.k.a. GrammarCops”

Grammar, language, and usage observations, ramblings, and questions by us and others

Don’t overlook the section links at the top of the page or you’ll miss out on:

GrammarGallows – Offenders
GrammarGroupies – Tweeple
Grammar Guard – Deputies

And more. I’m sure you’ll be interested in learning how we mortals – not you grammar cops – all make mistakes. For instance: How many of you say — “Daylight Savings Time”? Raise your hand. It figures you’d be one, EB. It’s not Daylight SavingS Time – it’s Daylight Saving Time. Now you know.

You’ll know more if you visit Grammar Police a.k.a. GrammarCops.

And — I’m almost done, I swear. As long as we’re picking on grammar, I want to point you to one of Grammar Police a.k.a. GrammarCops’ sister sites called Comma Clout – The Clout of the Comma.

The comma does has a lot of clout, you know. Who can forget:

Let’s eat grandpa.


Let’s eat, grandpa.


“A woman, without her man, is nothing.”

Which EB corrected to:

“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”

If you are an effete, intellectual grammar cop, you know all about that. Right? Commas count.

To see how much commas count, visit our lesser site of the week, a sibling to our site of the week, yet nonetheless a site you’ll enjoy. You gotta love that sentence, grammar cops!

Commas have clout – come visit Comma Clout right now.

Let’s eat EB.

Let’s eat, EB.


3 thoughts on “Grammar Police

  1. Barb

    Great site, I don’t suppose there’s anything funny about bad grammar, but I still got a laugh out of it. The misuse of apostrophes has always irritated me. I think it’s better to omit them, which could be regarded as an oversight, rather than to use an unnecessary one, and prove your ignorance.

  2. Harriet

    Very clever … verbosity aside. Made my morning which had been spent in trying to redo taxes from 2014 🙂

  3. Terry Field

    I like you the way you are.
    Spots and warts and all yer grammar mistooks.


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