Hanging programs slow Windows shutdown

By | April 14, 2011
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If you have a hanging program (a program that is not responding), it will make your shutdown time annoying long. When we decide to shut down or reboot our computers, most of us want the darn thing to shutdown or restart right now. But Windows, never does what we want – all the time. It’s got its own mind. Quick starts and quick shutdowns are not a Microsoft Windows trademark. But shutdown time can be aggravating when you have a “hanging” application, because Windows sometimes will not shut down until the program is closed. That’s meant to protect Windows and prevent you from losing any data. Regardless of what it’s for, most of us could do without it.

Here’s how to shutdown the hanging application more quickly than clicking the “X” on the application window fifty times:

Press the “CTRL” “ALT” “DELETE” keys in order to bring up Windows Task Manager (you can also click the start button, click “Run” and type in taskman.exe if you tend to be a masochist ). And if you’re a stickler and like to know ALL THE WAYS you can bring up Task Manager. OK. You can right-click on an empty area of your taskbar and select “Task Manager”. Know you have three ways of getting Task Manager open. Happy? 🙂

Once Task Manager is open, click the “Processes” tab at the top, find the application (in the list of running programs) that is hanging (it will say “Not responding to the right of the application’s name). Now right-click it, choose “End Process Tree” , then say “OK” to the warning that appears. That should shut ‘r down in about 3 seconds without clicking on the “X” in the application’s top-right corner at all. With the hanging application dutifully put to sleep, Windows should shut down normally and more quickly for you..

2 thoughts on “Hanging programs slow Windows shutdown

  1. Barbara Wright

    Thanks for that cool tip. No more probs with that now.

  2. Patricia Monteleone

    An additional tip, using Task Manager, is you can shut down or restart the entire computer from the shutdown menu at the top. Sometimes it is not just a program that is hanging, it is the whole dang machine hangs. Boo Hoo! A fresh boot rebuilds the puzzle…


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