Help Us and Get FastStone Capture Pro With a Lifetime License – FREE

By | January 28, 2016
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Cloudeight Boosters Winter Special

Every winter we run a special Cloudeight Boosters drive to help us get through the slow times after Christmas.

This year, we’re sweetening the deal.

If you make a gift of $10 or more, not only will you be invited to join our Cloudeight Boosters and grab some or all of the special freebies we offer our boosters, we’ll give you a lifetime license for FastStone Capture Pro. Faststone Capture Pro is the same screen shot tool we have used for years. The retail price of FastStone is $19.95 – and you can get it free with donation of $10 or more.

And don’t forget the growing list of other free stuff we offer our Cloudeight Boosters, including our newest e-books, FolderMagic, special discounts on some our products and services – and a lot more.

Our Cloudeight Boosters Winter Fundraising Drive starts now and continues through Monday, February 1, 2016 (or while supplies last). We will give anyone who donates $10 or more between now through February 1, 2016 a free lifetime license for FastStone Capture.

If you’re already a booster, login to your account, give a gift of $10 or more and you’ll get a free lifetime license to FastStone Capture Pro. It’s easy. Just login to your boosters account and click the link on the Boosters’ home page.

If can’t afford to contribute, recommend our free InfoAve Premium newsletter to your friends . Or use our Start page as your start page. Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated.

Visit this page and donate $10 or more and we’ll send you a lifetime license for FastStone Capture Pro

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

10 thoughts on “Help Us and Get FastStone Capture Pro With a Lifetime License – FREE

  1. Jan

    I’m more than a bit confused.
    its “free” but only if I give you $10.00 ?????


    1. infoave Post author

      You can buy the program for $19.95. We’re trying to give something back for donations. You’re not required to donate if you don’t want to. We have many loyal Cloudeight Boosters who have contributed many times without any incentives at all. I’m sorry this confuses you.

  2. Stephen Greene

    I sent you a donation this morning and the link for the lifetime license for FastSone Capture Pro apparently didn’t work. When I clicked on the link it just took me back to the log in page.

    1. infoave Post author

      The download link and registration key will be sent to your personally by Email within 24 hours. Thanks for your donation.

        1. infoave Post author

          No problem, Stephen. We really appreciate your donation. You’ll have the download link and the key later on today.

  3. Irene

    Made a donation but have not downloaded Win.10 yet but will soon. Will everything I download now transfer to Win.10? Am still looking for a new Dell computer at a reasonable price hopefully with Win10 already on it.

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks so much for your donation. I’m sure you’ll really like Windows 10.

  4. Mae

    tried for the $10 level and free Fast capture but only choice was $3.
    Am I too late. I have used the program on my other computer.

    1. infoave Post author

      We are out of FastStone licenses. We will be offering them again soon. If you only see one choice, try using a different browser. Dozens of other donated $10 and more using the same drop-down menu. Perhaps you have some kind of pop-up blocker or add-on or problems with your browser.


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