How a friend of mine avoided a computer disaster – a true story

By | May 12, 2011
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Last week a friend of mine called me with a perplexing Windows problem. He couldn’t access the Internet, some Windows functions had been disabled, and his antivirus program had been deactivated. To make this part of the story as short and sweet as possible, we figured out that he had someone gotten when of the new generation of viruses that installs as a regular program, then deactivates the antivirus software, and then does its dirty work. These viruses, I fear, will be pretty commonplace in the coming months. These new designer viruses are pernicious and very well programmed.

Anyway, there wasn’t much he could do but format his computer because formatting was the only certain way to ensure that the virus was removed and all his Windows functionality was restored. But formatting a hard drive and reinstalling Windows is always a last resort and always a pain in the you-know-what. Not only do you have to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows but then (if you dont’ have a good mirror image backup) you have spend days, maybe weeks reinstalling all your software programs, adjusting settings and blah, blah, blah. In short: It’s no fun.

Besides reading him the riot act about keeping good mirror-image backups, I tried to help him find an alternative for him when there seemed to be none. I’m resourceful if not smart. Anyway, I sent him off to give Reimage a try. I advised him that Reimage is the only thing I knew of that had the potential to save his current Windows installation, all his programs, remove the virus that was destroying his system, and get his computer back for him without formatting. I told him the truth: Reimage works 85% of the time, nothing works all of time. Obviously Windows doesn’t work all of the time.

He gave Reimage a try and now his computer is running again and he didn’t have to format. Reimage is not a tool to use for minor problems or occasional errors. It’s big time repair for big time problems. It’s something anyone facing a format and reinstallation of Windows should try before resort to a format. And its certainly better than calling Geek Squad and spending $199.00 or more only to have them format your computer and reinstall Windows.

This is a true story and it’s a good tip. We really do use and recommend the products you see mentioned in this newsletter every week. We recommend them to our best friends and family members too. Reimage is not a miracle, it’s as great tool. It saved my friend’s computer and saved my friend days and days of work.

Before you call Geek Squad, Staples or some other computer repair service, before you give up the ghost and format and reinstall Windows, give Reimage a try. There’s an excellent chance it will work for you too and save you tons of money and tons and tons of aggravation and time. And you have nothing to lose. If Reimage doesn’t work for you, you get a full refund.

4 thoughts on “How a friend of mine avoided a computer disaster – a true story

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    From what I’ve learned from talking to reps from Geek Squad and Staples (and people who’ve been their customers), I would be extremely reluctant to go to either one of them. It’s a hit or miss at best. I’m sure there are some techs who could do a good job, but
    you never know which tech is going to work on your computer. I’m sure the solution to everything, according to the majority of those techs is “reinstall Windows”.
    I don’t need to pay anybody to do that. Do you?

    I’m so glad you mentioned, again, that you get your money back if ReImage does not work. That’s a HUGE plus. Who else does that these days?

  2. Artie

    I read the above article but something puzzles me. If my computer is in such a shape that I cannot access the Internet, How do I get Reimage? Am I missing something? thanks.

  3. Geoff Hatcher

    For Artie,there is a way my friend believe me i had a crash and used re image it will repair your comp /laptop it saved me a lot of money and time and being on a pension it helped me a great deal so i would recommend re image whole heartedly all the best Geoff.


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