2 thoughts on “How to Change Your Primary PayPal Email Address

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    Another purpose to have your current email address registered with PayPal is to receive notification from PayPal to YOU (not just the seller as mentioned above) when your credit card on file with them has been charged. For instance, when my monthly automatic contribution to Cloudeight has been processed.
    I have a couple of other automatic payments set up and those notifications help me to remember to keep my credit card info updated, too.

  2. Jason Miller

    Thank you for this article. I forgot all about changing my address and phone number with Paypal after we moved to our retirement home in September. They were one of the very few that were not on my list to make changes to.
    Once again, you saved the day before some unfortunate incident happened. Thank you.
    I think I’ve lost count on how many times I have said thank you for different things. No matter. It will never be enough.


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