How to download YouTube videos without installing any software

By | November 11, 2015
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How to download YouTube Videos without installing any software



Page removed. The  service that was once free and did not require a download, now requires a download which we to be scammy. We have removed the content of this post for your safety.

15 thoughts on “How to download YouTube videos without installing any software

  1. Yvonne

    Thanks for an easy way to download a video from YouTube; but will I be able to watch it on my TV? I want to download an instructional video, copy to a DVD, and play it in the comfort of my livingroom as I practice the techniques involved. Any way I can do this? Sorry to be a “pain,” but I’m old like you!! Thank You!!

  2. shari carter

    That’s a GREAT question!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for years! Let’s hope that he will answer you — and that I don’t miss it.


  3. Walter E. Bott

    This sounds like a great way to download Youtube videos BUT when I try your suggestion to click on the HD/MP3 options I am asked to download another program. When I try to do this my Norton Security program will not allow this telling me it is not safe. If this is just Norton being overly cautious and will not open up my computer to viruses please tell me how to download and install this program. Thank you, Respectfully, Walter

      1. Dianne Campbell

        this trick worked great but now it has been changed. the first thing you see is MP4 720 and also the HD MP3. Did not want to click on the MP4 720 to see if there was more options as they are most likely all corrupted. any other options you can reccomend for downloading videos would be greatly appreciated.

    1. patrick

      Kind of leery about this program. Norton, Malwarebytes and Webroot flagged it as malware.

      1. infoave Post author

        This shows 2 things:
        1. Why Webroot is ranked so poorly
        2. We didn’t make something clear enough.

        We honestly really tried hard to make it clear NOT to download and install any software from this page. The only thing you needed to download was the YouTube video. Obviously if one wishes to download a youtube video one has to download the video somehow.

        I don’t know how we could have made it any clearer NOT to install anything and not to download anything but the youtube video. We assumed anyone who wanted to read an article entitled “How to Download You Tube Videos without installing any software” would be someone who wanted to download youtube videos.

        As far as Webroot goes? Meh…

  4. Joan

    My Windows Media Player on my Windows 7 and XP (yes, I know about using XP) they do not play MP4’s.

  5. melody

    I just tried downloading a really interesting video from Youtube using your explicit instructions…..and OMG! I love You guys! It works exactly like you said it would and I didn’t have to install anything cuz I followed your directions and ignored all the extra things on the site! Thanks so much! I am saving your instructions for a ton of future downloads of videos for sure! Bless your sweet hearts for making life easier!

  6. Charlotte

    My fear of messing up my computer always makes me hesitate to try something new, like downloading a video from YouTube, but your instructions made it SO simple. Thank you – we golden-agers really need you two!!

  7. Barry Lee

    How can I save download to Desktop ?
    Love you site & Newsletter have been a follower for many years…from New Zealand

    1. infoave Post author

      Depends on your browser. All browsers let you choose where to save your downloads.

  8. Richard

    I use Firefox as a browser and there are add-ons available that make downloading videos or audio from You Tube easier , no dangerous malware integrated with these add-ons.

  9. Annabelle Lee

    Hello to you both and hopefully Spring is around the corner !!
    I have a question ????
    Could you please check this site and see if it is still safe ?
    It is saying we have to install and download some extension to Chrome before I can download a video from You Tube.
    I didn’t do it…..I figured I’d bring it to your attention and ask your expertees opinions.
    Thanks and hope you see this.


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