How to Mute Annoying Audio in Web Pages

By | August 29, 2016
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Mute Annoying Audio in Web Pages

Many sites, especially news sites, have delayed auto-start videos (or audio ads) on their pages. When surfing multiple pages, you may suddenly hear the audio, but finding which page it is coming from meant going through each open tab. But sometimes I have 15 or 20 open tabs!

I was complaining to TC the other day about the blaring sound from videos/ads and how I had to go through several open tabs to find the culprit. He causally says “look for the sound icon” and you can tell which tab it is coming from; as if everyone but I knew this!

Sure enough… I looked a little closer and there it was! Its super tiny, but its visible and while I don’t see it available on Internet Explorer, it is on Chrome Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Below are screenshots of Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers with open tabs to show you where the sound icon is located on the tab and what it looks like. Thanks TC! Even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Chrome Browser (on the right side of the tab, next to the “x” below):

Firefox is almost exactly the same as Chrome, see?

Cloudeight Internet

Edge Browser (on the left side of the tab here):

Sorry, Internet Explorer fans, you’ll never know which tab is annoying you with sound unless you manually check each tab.

One thought on “How to Mute Annoying Audio in Web Pages

  1. Sondra

    Thank you for sharing this little trick with us! I’ve been complaining about these obnoxious videos/ads for quite some time now, muttering to myself as I searched through each tab for the offending ad. These noisy ads are so aggravating, and I appreciate this nifty solution. Can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before!

    You guys are wonderful!
    God bless you!


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