How to (sometimes) get deleted files back

By | June 18, 2014
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If you have put something in the Recycle Bin, but you haven’t emptied it yet, you can get it back by using Ctrl+Z . But now we’re going to assume you have emptied your Recycle bin and the files you deleted are gone. We’ve explained what happens when you delete a file in Windows many times, but it never hurts to refresh our memories. When you delete a file in Windows, nothing is removed from your computer. Windows marks the space occupied by the file you deleted as unused. The file you deleted is still there but you can’t see it our use it. If you act quickly enough, before the space that the file you deleted occupied, your can recover it using a free program called Recuva (you can get it at . But you have to do it soon after you’ve accidently deleted the file, the longer you wait the greater the chance it the space will be overwritten with other data. And while you can recover files from overwritten space, you won’t be happy with how they look, especially photos. They’ll have bits missing and not (probably) be acceptable.

Any file that ever existed on Windows – in fact everything you’ve written or done on your computer can be resurrected using high-tech forensics software – which is very expensive. Recuva does a good job of restoring accidentally deleted files as long as you act quickly enough – and recover the files before the space they occupied is overwritten.

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  1. June

    One of our grandchildren told this old Grandma that the sentence “We think you’re cool” is old fashion & it should of read, “we think you’re pretty
    AWESOME.” I have to learn a whole new language these days and it takes longer than I thought it would!

  2. pb

    You really shouldn’t be putting out this kind of information….not at this critical time! The IRS surely wouldn’t want the American public to become educated on this subject! NOT RIGHT NOW!!!

    I jest, of course………..this is the perfect time!! WTG……get people to think!!!


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