How well does your browser handle HTML5?

By | May 5, 2016
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How well does your browser handle HTML5

HTML5 is the current version of Hypertext Markup Language – which is the language and the code all which is used to create Web pages. “One of the biggest differences between HTML5 and previous versions of the standard is that older versions of HTML require proprietary plugins and APIs. (This is why a Web page that was built and tested in one browser may not load correctly in another browser.) HTML5 provides one common interface to make loading elements easier. For example, there is no need to install a Flash plugin in HTML5 because the element will run by itself.

One of the design goals for HTML5 is to support for multimedia on mobile devices….”  ( Source “TechTarget” Read more).

HTML5 will eventually eliminate the need for plug-ins and add-ons like Flash and Java – so that you can view videos and play online games without any add-ons at all. All you need is a modern browser to play them.

Can you play the video below in your browser? Let us know!

Video courtesy of
Big Buck Bunny.

How about this one?

Do you see it?

Here’s a hint: If you’re using Internet Explorer (even if you’re using the newest version), you won’t see the video – you’ll see a notice to download it. Internet Explorer can’t play WebM files without added “components”. If you’re using Microsoft Edge the second video will show as “unsupported”. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome you’ll see both the top video and the bottom one.  The top video is a standard MP4 file.  The second video is a WebM file – a new HTML5 video format.

And if you want to see more about the new WebP image format, visit this page.  We’ll warn you now – if you’re using Firefox, Edge or IE, you won’t see the WebP versions of the images.

Nothing is quite so certain as change, right EB?


30 thoughts on “How well does your browser handle HTML5?

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    Works just fine in Chrome and IE9. It’s almost to close to tell, but I think it’s a little crisper in IE9.
    I use Chrome 98% of the time.

    1. K Zinke

      Works great with the chrome browser I’m using.

  2. Leora Y Needham

    I can see both of the really well. I use Chrome.

  3. Cindy

    Both work fine on Chrome. I didn’t try them on anything else because I use Chrome 99.9% of the time. Very occasionally I use Firefox; never use IE.

  4. Glen

    Can see both on Chrome. The second is clearer, sharper.

  5. Joyce Linsenmeyer

    My browser did fine played both videos. I am surprised because I am using Aol’s which I think is Internet Explorer. But I have Firefox too. So I’m glad it worked.

  6. Jean C

    I could see and play the first one, the second one was blank but when I clicked on the blank screen it played?? is that OK I use Chrome all the time

  7. kiwibarb

    I could see the top one, but the bottom one only played after I clicked the blank area. i’m using Chrome on windows 7.

  8. Norman

    Both worked OK using Chrome. The second one started when I clicked in the black bar
    behind 00 counter.

  9. Vicki

    Saw the first one just fine, the second one was blank but played when I clicked on the blank area. I use Firefox 99.9% of the time, but also Microsoft Edge occasionally.

  10. J. Steen

    I was able to see both. I use Chrome, had no problems viewing either one.

  11. Homer

    Both played just fine. First was started normal but the second was blank as others reported above. I went back and clicked the blank area and it played .

  12. James Mowrey

    First one played ok but second one I had to click on blank space and it played.

  13. Judie

    Both of them worked for me and I use Google Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop.

  14. Altara

    Worked great on Chrome–but like others, I had to click on the ‘blank’ area to get the 2nd one to show up.

  15. shari carter

    Hello. Had to Right double-click first one and Left single-click once on the second, but was able to view both.

  16. Helga

    The first one was fine, the second one I could not play, because I use IE 11.
    I am very hesitant to change to Chrome, and will hold off as long as IE 11 works.

  17. Debbie

    I was able to play both in Chrome. The 1st video showed up, but the 2nd video was a blank box but played when I clicked in a blank area.
    I then tried it in IE, with the current version, & the 1st one played fine, but as you said, the 2nd one stated to download the file.

  18. Terry

    First Video played normal, no glitches, no sluggishness…Second viedo was same as first, with exception that had to click “load” icon circle, but as soon as that happened, video promptly started without any delays….Using “WaterFox” 44.0.3 ver…Browser is Google, and 32bit, W7 64bit with various plugins, extentions, Avast AV….

    1. infoave Post author

      As we noted Firefox (and its derivatives) and Chrome (and its derivatives) open both files; IE does not. Plugins, extensions and/or security/antivirus programs have nothing to do with these videos.

    1. infoave Post author

      Maxthon is built on Internet Explorer –> Thanks, TC


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