Huge botnet killed; stole millions

By | April 18, 2011
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Botnets are Trojan-like programs that infect PCs and then make the infected PC a zombie in a network of zombies. These infected PCs create a network of computers controlled by the individual (or group of individuals) who is responsible for creating the botnet. Botnets can be used to steal money, passwords, or other personal information.

Computer users who don’t use antispyware and antivirus programs on their computers not only affect their own computers but other computers too – even yours. That’s why we constantly remind everyone to use good antivirus and antispyware software – and to keep it updated with the most current definitions. You’re not only responsible for your own computer – but when you’re connected to a network – The Internet – your computer affects others computers too.  It’s so important that everyone take responsibility for their own computer – protect it and keep it protected.

We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and SuperAntiSpyware ($24.95 for a lifetime license for two computers). We recommend that everyone use them both and keep them updated.

Following is an article which shows you how much damage can be done by botnets and how long it can take to clean up the mess caused by individuals who didn’t feel it was important to protect their computers with antivirus and antispyware software – and a group of criminals who programmed and tricked millions of unprotected users into downloading it through spam emails (sent by the infected computers).

“It took ten years, but the U.S. finally has killed [press release and court documents] a notorious botnet spread by an ever-evolving virus known as “Coreflood”.  The botnet had been active since 2001, slowly building up an arsenal of 2 million computers worldwide, with the help of helper malware.  It is responsible for stealing an estimated $100M USD worldwide from businesses and individuals….” Continue reading…

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