InfoAve Premium Issue #676 — Now Available Online

By | September 23, 2016
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InfoAve Premium Issue #676 — Now Available Online

If you’re not a subscriber to our InfoAve Premium newsletter ,or if you’re a subscriber and you didn’t receive it because your ISP blocked it, you can read it online here. If you’re not a subscriber please join us…it’s free. Visit this page to sign up to receive our weekly newsletter.

Highlights of Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Issue #676, Sepetember 23, 2016:

Mary and her “D” drive

Leslie’s experience with a would-be scammer is a lesson for us all

Ruth has problems with Windows Live Mail

Fran’s keyboard give her fits

Nick has problems with Windows 7 games on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Pin Tabs to Save Space on Chrome (and Firefox)

Chrome: About Stuff

There is a plus to having a Gmail or Outlook account. Period.

Obtain a List Of All User Accounts On Your Windows PC

How to Control Windows 10 Notification Icons

Add custom toolbars to Windows 7, 8x or 10

And much more!

Read Cloudeight InfoAve Premium – Issue#676 – September 23, 2016 online.

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2 thoughts on “InfoAve Premium Issue #676 — Now Available Online

  1. Doreen Blackburn

    I understand that Google has taken over Picasa photos and are offering a similar program.

    Any suggestions? I have relied on Picassa over years and now some of my photos have disappeared so I am hoping that Googles program takeover has had some good reviews? I am 82 and not as quick as I used to be but really enjoyed my photos. Got my first computer 10 years ago and found you two at Cloud Eight truly helpful as I learned enough to get by on my Windows Vista.

    1. infoave Post author

      Google bought Picasa about 7 years ago. Google has stop supporting Picasa in favor of Google Photos. Whether Google Photos is up to the standards of Picasa is a matter of personal choice. Perhaps our readers could give you some suggestions as to what they use to store, sort, and organize photos.

      Thanks for your nice comments & your support, Doreen.


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