Internet Explorer Security Bug: Time for You to Change Browsers

By | April 30, 2014
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We’ve been advising people for at least five years to install another browser. Microsoft had a method to their madness by making IE virtually a part of Windows. That way, they figured they’d have a captive audience – and they were at least partially right.

Many of you use IE simply because you are familiar with it and you feel comfortable with it. But the time has come to get out of your comfort zone and start making some changes. By now you have to be sick of news like the latest Internet Explorer security bug.  It’s a nasty one that causes those of us — like me – who use Google Chrome (or those who chose Firefox) to yawn. Yawn! Yet Another Internet Explorer Security Hole.

It’s not a huge learning process to learn Chrome or Firefox — a couple of days using either and you’ll forget about IE and it’s trail of tears dating back over a decade. Microsoft can’t seem to do anything right these days, but it has never gotten Internet Explorer right. From the silly “Smart Screen” to the numerous serious security issue, Internet Explorer is in serious trouble this time. Even Homeland Security is telling people not to use it.

No matter whether you’re using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8x, you need to switch browsers right now. Today. And you need to get used to the fact that your old buddy IE will continue to have one serious flaw after another. It’s time you got away from IE.  You can download Chrome here or Firefox here. Do it. Don’t wait another minute. Time is ticking.

Internet Explorer security bug: How to stay safe

A vulnerability in Internet Explorer could let hackers take over your computer.

The bug has already been used by hackers to attack some U.S. financial firms, cyber-security software maker FireEye said over the weekend.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself:

What versions of Internet Explorer are affected?

Internet Explorer 6 to 11 – that is, all of them. However, according to FireEye, cyberattacks have been targeting Internet Explorer 9 and higher.

How does this bug allow my computer to be attacked?

Games E3 Microsoft

A bug in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 makes computers vulnerable to cyberattacks that may allow criminals to take control of your computer. (Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press)

If you have an affected browser and visit a booby-trapped website, the bug leaves you vulnerable to a “drive-by install.” That means malicious software (malware) can be installed without your knowledge – you don’t have to click on anything.

Once the software is installed, others can take control of your computer.

Typically, Microsoft says, you’d be directed to the website by a link in an email or instant message. The email may appear to come from someone you know and the website may look like a website you normally visit.

Is there a fix?

As of Tuesday, there wasn’t. Microsoft said it is investigating, and will “take the appropriate action to protect our customers, which may include providing a solution through our monthly security update release process, or an out-of-cycle-security update, depending on customer needs.”

What can I do to protect myself?

  1. Switch to another web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This is one of the recommendations from U.S. and U.K. Computer Emergency Readiness Teams from their national security agencies…

Source: CBC

10 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Security Bug: Time for You to Change Browsers

  1. Marlene

    Is it safe to just turn off your computer if your going to be away for awhile, or should you unplug it?

    1. Muriel.S

      Marlene, unplug it, if you’re going away. Primarily for electrical reasons. If power goes out, it’s the surge when the power comes back on that could fry your computer, printer, etc. Your home can lose power for lots of reasons, not just bad weather. Surge protectors are not all created equally, and usually not enough. They do wear out after protecting you for a few “shots” and you don’t know ’til after the damage is done. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Darrel

    OK, I got it ! Yes IE has been the comfort slippers, for ever ! ya some hiccups: croup: measles: and sleepless nights. . but has been mainstay for What 20 + yr.?
    Yes, have installed All the Google stuff along the trail – – – some left us hanging, another announces its dimes soon, some never got out of test patterns… so watched and played but stayed with IE for getting research done!
    Lately Chrome seem to get used more and more here.
    Been waiting for some serious comments out of You camp about this whole mess for a couple weeks. Still not much from You Guys ?????? Makes Me Very Nervous – is there more ? Major troubles, your tongue bloody with the holding back ?
    OK – Chrome is all I have in conscious use Now. What surprises are in store for me ?
    I Never commented before, well sense a great job on email stationary-yrs ago.
    THANK YOU – I have Not sent any $$$ ‘s for a long time – this does make me sad ! But Live changing health issues, (boohow) I respect your work and never miss an hint or discussion for you! When/if I get health and monies straighter, would join one of you PC health/Repair programs.
    Thanks again — Mainstay

  3. Darla Ritchie

    I haven’t used Internet Explorer for a long time. I switched to Google Chrome and that is all I use. It takes some trial and error to get to know it but it is so much better than Internet Explorer.,

  4. Larry Hubble

    Is there any way to turn IE “off”? Since I don’t use it, do I really need to have it?

  5. Joan

    I’m happy to say I did change to the Chrome browser in early April when I began using my Windows 7 again. It is important for those not too familiar with the CLOUDEIGHT website publications to understand these two people do not advise their members/visitors with idle chit-chat or unsubstantiated information. I learned the very hard way (I’ve been with them for 8 years) by not following through in the beginning with my initial application to use Emsisoft, I stayed with AVG, and in December 2013 I was attacked by two Trojans. My nephew had to wipe the hard drive clean and is almost finished with the full installation. I have been a little lost from time to time using Chrome but every day I discover something I didn’t know the day before. Like everything else which TC and EB – EB and TC have told us, keep on keeping on and you’ll be fine. I will be using more of my keys in the near future. So thank you both for always being ahead of the curve.

  6. kiwibarb

    I’m with Larry Hubble. Although having switched to Chrome, some sites still tell me that I.E. can’t open a page. I too would appreciate advice on disabling I.E. And some still tell me to upgrade to another browser. I already have, my default is Chrome, what more do they want?

  7. Muriel.S

    I installed Chrome on my Win7 laptop a year or so ago but hadn’t used my laptop except when travelling. However I’ve used it more often the past 6 months and trying to move years of hard work from my XP desktop. A couple months ago I installed Chrome on my XP desktop, too. So far, I’m not comfortable with Chrome, yet, but I’m trying. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Microsoft themselves that are chasing people to their browser competitors whether we want to go or not.

    I think this might be a good time for me to plug the great tutorials (re Chrome) that I found listed on the Forum here.

    You can access the InfoAve Forum from the top of the Start Page
    If you haven’t set up a log-in for the Forum, you should. However, you don’t need to unless you want to post a question/comment.

  8. A_Hippy_Hillbillie

    Microsoft has released a Critical Patch to Fix Problem today, May 01, 2014!

  9. Kay

    I switched to Chrome today and can’t get over how much faster it is! It’s a little different looking and I was upset when my ‘favorites’ were gone until I found that they’re called “bookmarks” in Chrome and you can import your favorites list from Internet Explorer. Even though Microsoft has released the patch to fix the current problem, I’m staying with Chrome.


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