It’s Back! Buy or renew Emsisoft and get a $39.95 Rebit license FREE

By | July 27, 2015
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Cloudeight InfoAve

Buy or Renew Emsisoft AntiMalware Right Now and get a FREE license for Rebit6 Backup Software (a $39.95 value)

Cloudeight InfoAve
Get Rebit 6 Backup FREE when you buy or renew Emsisoft Anti-Malware!

Rebit 6 Backup works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10!
This offer is valid for a limited time – get yours today!

Other than protecting your computer from malware, viruses, rogues, PUPs and other malicious programs and files, there is nothing more important than backing up your computer. But most people never give backups a thought until it’s too late and hundreds of irreplaceable photos, documents, videos, music and other personal files are lost forever.

The fact is, computers have a limited lifetime and 1 out of 4 hard drives fail within the first four years. If your hard drive fails you’re going to lose everything that is not backed up. And if you need to reinstall Windows and you don’t have your files backed up – there’s a very good chance you’ll lose them.

Now for a limited time only, courtesy of Emsisoft, we’ll send you a FREE lifetime license for Rebit 6 backup software (retail price $39.95) FOR FREE when you buy or renew Emsisoft Anti-Malware. So whether you’re a new customer or renewing your existing license, take advantage of this limited-time opportunity! If you are currently using Emsisoft, buy your renewal license now, save it until you need it, and take advantage of this great offer and get Rebit 6 backup software FREE.

YES! You still get our exclusive Cloudeight discount on Emsisoft purchases!. Buy a new license for $29.95 or renew for $25.00 and we’ll send you a free license for Rebit6 Backup FREE (a $39.95 value!) courtesy of Emsisoft. You can buy a renewal key now and use it when you need it. You can have more than more than one renewal key – they are good for one year from the date you first use them. So get a renewal key now and save it until you need. it.

Take advantage of this very special offer today – offer is good for a limited time only!

FREE Rebit 6 backup software with your Emsisoft order or renewal:

Backup protection is a great complement to antivirus protection. We partnered up with software backup company Rebit to provide you with an exclusive offer:

Cloudeight InfoAve

Rebit 6: ridiculously simple local backup solutionRebit6 is the latest version of Rebit’s award winning local backup software that with automatic and continuous system protection.

Key features include:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP): automatically back up all changes that occur with the system every 30 seconds.
  •  Point in Time Full System Recovery: reset back in time to restore a file or even a full system.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface: Rebit software is designed to simplify data protection and has received numerous industry awards including PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award.
  • Backup to multiple devices: Rebit6 allows you to back up to multiple USB external hard disk drives for offsite rotation.
  • Backup runs seamlessly – you can use your computer while backups are being created.
  • Create complete drive-image backups or backup your most important files and folders.
  • Easiest to use backup software we have ever tested!

Get a free lifetime license for Rebit 6 (worth $39.95) when you buy or renew Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

This offer is valid for a limited time only – get your free Rebit6 license today before this offer is gone because it wasn’t backed up! Rebit6 licenses provided courtesy of our friends at Emsisoft.

Thanks very much for your support!

Darcy & TC
Cloudeight Internet
July 27, 2015

4 thoughts on “It’s Back! Buy or renew Emsisoft and get a $39.95 Rebit license FREE

  1. Janet Powell

    I have Emsisoft and Rebit my laptop. However I am getting a new laptop next week. Will I be able to transfer by Emsisoft and Rebit to my new laptop or do I have to buy new. I am up for renewal of Emsisoft next month.

  2. Sarah

    Hi Darcy and TC
    I would love to buy a renewal but I was reading that Emsisoft will not run on my vista after 4/2016 and I already have bought a renewal when the one I am using now runs out!! I have no plans on a new computer so I don’t know what I will do or get for my vista on 4/2016. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens!1 Thank you for all the tips and helps that I receive from the both of you!! Enjoy your summer as fall will be here before we know it.



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