Judy’s Fruit Bowls

By | September 11, 2016
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Judy’sFruitBowls @ 4example.net

Judy may want an email address like Judy’sFruitBowls @ 4example.net, but we have news for Judy – and for everyone else who would like to have Frank’s Mail or Lizzie’s Mail or MyDog’s @ whatever.com – you can’t use apostrophes and things like that in email addresses. You can use periods, dashes, and underscores ( you know these things __ ___ __ ). You can have Judys_Fruit-bowls@ but not Judy’s_Fruit*Bowls@. And if you don’t think people actually do this, they do. We see it often.

In your email program you can show the name of your account as Judy’s Fruit Bowls if you want, but you can’t use Judy’sFruitBowls@ as the reply to address, no matter how much you want to. If you do, you can be sure those fruit bowl orders are not going to come through 🙂

But you can use JUDYsFruitBOWLs@ or JUDYS_FRUIT_BOWLS or judys-fruit-bowls, because capitals don’t matter in email addresses or web site address.

So for fun:

JuDYSfruITbOWls@ is the same as judysfruitbowls@ or JUDYSFRUITBOWLS@ or MINGUSMUNGUSranches@

So Judy and Frank and Lizzie and everyone else:

It’s nice to be possessive but not when it comes to email addresses and love.

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