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By | January 10, 2015
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Stayin’ Alive Update

We both want to thank all of you who’ve helped us on our “Stayin’ Alive” weekend. We’ve tried to answer each one of you who’ve donated over the last day or so with a personal email. If you didn’t receive a personal email from us, please accept our heartfelt thank you.

Our Stayin’ Alive weekend continues through Monday and a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.  You can visit this page to make a donation . And you can also choose to be a Cloudeight Booster or not. Our boosters receive discounts and lots of free stuff.

Once again thanks to all of you who’ve helped us. By now you should have received a personal thank you from us – if you didn’t please know that your gift is appreciated. We thank you for your support and your encouragement.


Darcy and TC
January 10, 2015


One thought on “Just a Thank You

  1. shari carter

    I have been a booster in the past, and just became a higher level one. My question may sound ridiculous, but where do I look for the Smileycons and the other things that come to new boosters – like the download of your book, etc.? Can’t use them if I can’t find them. Also, are the “free Smilelycons” advertised on THIS page the ones that you are offering boosters?

    Thank you very much.


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