Just Like You

By | May 8, 2016
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Just Like You

Sometimes, I think, people assume Darcy and I don’t experience the same kinds of problems that you do. Oh, but we do. Computers are computers no matter who’s using them. And no matter how well-maintained they are, they’re still machines. And when you have machines + Windows, well, it’s quite likely that from time to time you’re going to have problems.

Today, I had a pretty typical Windows 10 problem: The Start menu stopped working. The first thing I did was restart my computer, but that didn’t work. The next thing I did was to run System Restore. I restored my computer to a week ago – and the only thing I lost was any programs I installed in the past week – which, had I installed any I could have easily reinstalled them.

To make a long story short, running System Restore and using the restore point from 7 days ago worked and the Windows 10 start menu is working fine.

Now I could have dug around in the registry or tried some of the ways suggested on Windows 10 forums to restore the Windows 10 Start Menu so that it works correctly, but I didn’t. The last thing I wanted to do was to do more than I needed to do.

And there are two lessons here:

  1. Don’t panic if something goes wrong – think it through
  2. Don’t do more than you need to do to fix your problem(s). Sometimes simply restarting your computer will fix your problem(s). If restarting doesn’t fix your problem(s), run System Restore. Use the newest restore point that you can. So first try restarting as soon as you notice the problem – don’t wait. Then, if that doesn’t fix it, run System Restore using the most recent restore point.

The last thing you should do is search the web for a solution. The biggest problem with looking on the web for a solution is that there is so much information out there. You could actually end up making your problem(s) much worse if you’re not careful. For instance,(AND WE ARE NOT RECOMMENDING THIS SITE), take a look at the extreme solutions offered here for fixing a Windows 10 Start Menu that doesn’t work. Can you imagine how long I’d have spent trying to fix my Windows 10 Start Menu had I followed the information on that page. And these selections are much less harmful than some of the other stuff out there.

The keys to computer problems are:

  1. Address the problem as soon as you can. Don’t wait. The longer you wait the more complicated fixing it could become.
  2. Don’t panic. It’s not the end of the work. The problem with panic is, it causes us to stop thinking. Don’t panic.
  3. First things first: Try restarting your computer or shutting it down and restarting it a few minutes later.
  4. Run System Restore back to the most recent restore point (as long as it’s time and date before your problem(s) began

On Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 there’s a very simple way to invoke System Restore:

  1. Press & hold down the Windows Key and press the “R” key.
  2. In the Run box type “RSTRUI” (without the quotes) and press Enter
  3. System Restore will start. It will take a few minutes to load.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore your computer.
  5. Do not worry if it takes 30-60 minutes to run System Restore. The worst thing you can do is assume it’s not working right and shut your computer off during the restore process. Be patient!

Keep in mind you won’t lose anything other than any programs you installed since the restore point you choose. You won’t lose any personal files, emails, pictures, music, documents, etc.

Darcy and I are subject to all the computer problems that you are. We’ve both been using Windows since 1995 – that’s 21 years ago. We’ve seen it all in 21 years. And we’ve learned a lot in 21 years. And we never stop learning.


7 thoughts on “Just Like You

  1. Patricia McCosker

    TC there are two spelling mistakes in the keys to computer problems in 2. World and panic. No one minds but I thought I would show you how thoroughly I read your essays

    1. John

      Very important.. Try to make ONE CHANGE at a time so you can remember how to undo the change before you try something else. ONE CHANGE…

  2. JoninOz

    Great advice as usual from ⛅ThunderCloud and 🌹Darcy…..😊

  3. Wendy

    Good advice from Thundercloud and Darcy especially as it covers all systems. I am in South Africa and have chosen to work on Windows 7 until I have to upgrade. As you say, we all panic at times especially if you are not that clued up. I have a great Technician to call on and most times I am able to log into “Team Viewer” and have my problem sorted.

  4. D.

    I looked at the comment section below that site. People were saying from Dropbox to an adobe update and etc. possible causes. In other words they did not know. The System Restore is great but you just hope you don’t put back on or do what caused it. That is the bad part when you don’t know what happened. I would still rather do the System Restore though than spend all day guessing and looking on line and still may not know. Also as you say cause more problems than what you already have trying this and that . Sometimes problems take a while to show up, because you just have not opened it up yet…

    1. infoave Post author

      And that is exactly why the article says “back to a time BEFORE your problems started”. Most people will have more than one restore point. If going back a week does not solve the problem, choose an earlier restore point. It has been my experience that going back more than 6 weeks often does not work out well. But if the first restore doesn’t clear the problem, try and earlier restore point.

      The point of the article was not to diagnose problems, but to encourage people to try the easiest solutions first. If I did not make my point clear, I’m sorry.

  5. Margaret Mitchell

    Thank u very much for this great info……I always think of u both as Experts, which u are, but it has taken a load off my mind to know that there are some “simpler” ways to correct a problem, rather than spend a sleepless night wondering how & what to do to correct an error…..& believe me TC & Darcy, I have spent several nights going crazy wondering how to correct some stupid error that I have made! Believe me, I shall definitely try System Restore – after shutting down & rebooting first of course. Thanks again…..


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