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By | March 14, 2014
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Cloudeight InfoAVe

I signed up for this site to test it; I wanted to find out how it worked. Plus, no one else ever asks me, “How’d your day go? ” Heck, I’m lucky if EB isn’t verbally bashing me as I fall asleep at night. Have you ever tried to sleep while you’re being verbally bashed? Especially when the basher is smirking while she’s putting welts on your skin.

Anyway I signed up for OhLife, and sure enough I got an email asking how day went. Luckily for me it was Thursday — that’s the day EB goes to gun school and Flogging 101 class. She wasn’t around, so when that email came asking me how my day went, I was able to type normally, as EB had removed my shackles and handcuffs.

My day was a combination of bad food and bad treatment at the hands of EB. She is burying me in work, while she goes to the race track and gambles away the meager funds we have. She lost again, of course. We have very little food in the house, but she goes out to eat with Randy and Pete and gives me cans of Spaghetti-Os and Spam (not the email kind). I learned to make round balls of Spam meat, which I put in my Spaghetti-Os; they resemble meatballs, and for that I’m grateful.

I ate by candlelight tonight again. EB has turned off the electricity and used the money to bet on the horses. She likes “Horse With No Name”, of course he’s a longshot. She also bets on a horse called “Custard’s Last Stand”, the jockey is always a fat guy named Sitting Bull.

I think I’m going bald, too. EB let me use the shower today — second time this year. When I got done the drain was stopped up with wads of hair. I felt my head and sure enough there was a bald spot the size of a softball right on the crown of my head. Then I realized that it was a softball — EB threw it at me.

I found a lima bean on the floor. Oh, I got to go. Here comes EB and she’s stomping. She must be really mad. I must go hide.

I figure if OhLife asks me how I am every day, and I write something down every day, then maybe someone will find it and print it out and sell it and everyone will know how badly EB treated her. I worked like a dog for her. I succumbed to her every request. I went the extra mile for her only to be beaten and kept apart from the things that I love, like Otis my dog and my red flower pot, and my polkadot shirt.

Write more tomorrow if I can. Ouch EB stop it. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I tells ya!

It will be interesting to look back on each day as I remember it, recalling the brutality of EB. How I suffered at her hands. After a few years I will have over a thousand days-worth of these entries. Maybe I’ll give my password to someone I can trust, and after I have perished from this Earth someone will make me a saint or at least make a statue for me.

Is statue, EB?

ENOUGH of this meandering. If you want to be reminded to write something about your day, every day, and have it all saved for you in a neat little journal. then this site is for you.

Here’s some stuff from our site pick this week:

“We send you friendly emails asking “How’d your day go?”

You reply and write as much as you want – that’s it!

You end up with a really neat collection of your life stories

A few things people love about OhLife

It’s private – Only you can read what you write. No friend requests, no posting your entries publicly.

Write when you want – You choose the days and time we email you. If we catch you on a busy day, don’t worry – just skip it.

Nothing’s like it – It’s not a social network or a blog – it’s a place for you to privately remember your memorable days.”

Cloudeight InfoAVe

There you go, a gentle reminder that you should take some time each day to write down how you’re feeling, what you have accomplish; write down your dreams and hopes and fears. A year or two from now it will be fun to go back and read though what you wrote and that’s the best part of this site, we think.

It’s called OhLife. Go start your personal, private, journal today

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