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By | July 2, 2011
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What can I say. We all need to wake up. Some of us need to wake up more than others. I told EB the other day that she needs to wake up before it’s too late, but she ignored me, like she always does. She thinks I’m cuckoo.

Speaking of cuckoo, how would you like a site that only does one thing and does it well – there aren’t many of those left these days, are there? No spyware, no adware, no flashing gizmos, no floaters, nothing but the service it provides. The service it provides is waking you up. And no, you don’t have to be connected to the Internet for it to wake you up. You do have to leave your computer on – which isn’t a bad thing to do actually.

Set the alarm clock for the time you want to wake up (duh!) and one of the alarm sounds (rooster crowing, an awful sounding guitar, army bugle, among others, and you’re good to go. I suggest the army bugle as the loudest, most annoying one – it’s sure to wake you up. It might even wake up your neighbors too, if you have your volume turned up all the way (a good idea!) . On the minus side, there’s no snooze button – but that could be a good thing too, right?

I’m thinking….

Sorry I can’t think of too much more to say about a site that wakes you up. There are 100 times more words in this article than there are on their Web site. So this is enough.

Wake up, you old rattlesnakes! Visit our site of the week KuKu Klok and end your night of slumber with any of several annoying noises. KuKu Klok is a our Site Pick; whether you love it or not – we do.

6 thoughts on “KuKu Klok – Wake up you old rattlesnakes – A Cloudeight site pick

  1. shari carter

    IS IT a good thing to leave one’s computer on all the time? I’ve wondered more than once as I’ve been told that it is…and that it isn’t. So, in an attempt to “save energy”, I turn it off when finished. Am I using more instead? Story of my life!

    1. infoave Post author

      If you want to save energy – you can set Windows to turn your monitor off and put the computer to sleep. You can save power without shutting the computer down. People always argue which is best – to turn the computer off or leave it on. The answer is – Every web server – the servers that all web sites are located – run 24/7/365 for years. We think it’s harder on your computer to keep shutting it down and turning it back on.

  2. judy W

    Sounds like it might work. Oh, I forgot I’m deaf. Attempt at being funny.

  3. Susan

    It let me snooze in 10 minute intervals. When the alarm goes off it give the option to stop it or snooze it for 10 minutes. Not sure how many times it will let you do that. I love the KuKu Klok!


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