MFI for Windows 10

By | May 9, 2016
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MFI (Missed Features Installer) For Windows 10

The Missed Features Installer (MFI) for Windows 10 is a resource pack for for those who miss some of the features found in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8x.

If you have Windows 10 and want to install some of those missing features from previous versions of Windows you might want to give this software a try. If you missl Windows Media Center, Desktop Gadgets, the classic Windows 7 games (like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire), and other features from previous Windows versions, you probly find them in Missed Features Installer (MFI) for Widnows 10.

Many of the older features and applications have been replaced by more modern versions, but we know many people who prefer the older options. MFI for Windows 10 is divided into three tabs that show the main categories and further divided into three more tab which contain more detailed information.


WARNING #1: We love WIndows 10 just as it is. So we have not tested and we are not recommending this software. We are simply pointing out that MFI for Windows 10. If you really miss some of features of older version of Windows you might want to be adventurous and try Missed Features Installer for Windows 10. Beware! Before you install MFI for Windows 10 CREATE A RESTORE POINT. If you don’t know how to create one, this is how:

Open the Windows 10 start menu and start typing CREATE A RESTORE POINT. You will Create a Restore Point (control panel) appear. Click it. Click on the Create button – and give it a name. You don’t need to put a date in the name because the date is automatically appended. Click Apply/OK.

WARNING #2: MFI (Missing Features Installer) for Windows 10 is 1.33 gigabytes. That’s a huge file. It will take time to download even on a fast broadband connection. If your broadband conection speed is just average it will take 15-30 minute to download. If you’re using DSL or dial-up, don’t torture yourself.

Again, we both love Windows 10 and its start menu. We don’t need any features from prior versions of Windows. But we’re not you. We just wanted you to be aware that MFI for Windows 10 existed. We are not recommending it, we have not tested it and we’re advising those of you who do want to try it to create a restore point before you install it.

You can read more about MFI and/or Download it from here.

Beware of the download games.

For those of you who are less adventurous we offer a Windows 10 Customization Service – which we do recommend – because we connect to your computer and make it look and work more like Windows 7 – and we’ll even install a real email program for you too.

One thought on “MFI for Windows 10

  1. MaryLee

    Thanks for this info. I had no idea where the built-in system restore was, and have been using a program that you all recommended a very long time ago called “Restore Point Creator” (from I’m not recommending this program instead, but only saying that I use it regularly, but now wonder why I should, since there is a built-in program that does the same thing.
    As for the MFI thing, too bad you can’t pick and choose parts of the program to download, without getting the whole thing. I’m thinking I’m happy enough with W-10 not to mess with it further, although I do argue with it a lot.


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