Microsoft extends Windows 7 shelf life as Windows 8 struggles

By | February 18, 2014
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The following is from TechRadar…

Microsoft extends Windows 7 shelf life as Windows 8 struggles

It seems that Windows 7 will remain on sale to business users until at least early 2015, if not longer, following a change to Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle.

As spotted by ZDNet, the updated lifecycle indicates that Microsoft has not yet decided on an end-date for the OS and could be a long way off yet.

Microsoft has promised to give businesses at least a year’s warning before it kills off Windows 7 Professional.

Doing a 180

In 2013, the company announced that it was forbidding new PCs to be preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate after October 31 2014. This would mean that any new hardware customers would be pushed onto Windows 8.

Microsoft hinted that end-of-sale date was the same for Windows 7 Professional. Later it backtracked when business customers threw up their hands in horror.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft extends Windows 7 shelf life as Windows 8 struggles

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    By the time Oct 15 rolls around, we’ll all be dealing with Win9…or maybe even a
    Win9.1 or 2. Then what? Of course, they’re only talking about the Professional version
    and only because the business sector complained in unison. The rest of us can “talk to the hand” as far as Microsoft is concerned.

    Did you read this XP article about XP and the British National Health Service?

    Wonder what OS our IRS, Medicare, etc. was framed around? IS it the same one designed by the military?

  2. Janice M

    Looks to me like Microsoft won’t listen to “regular everyday customers” and I’m getting sick of all their junk! Most companies strive to do BETTER not WORSE! What do we have to do to get them to listen to US?? BOYCOTT THEM?? If they don’t stop forcing us to accept their JUNK–I’m headed to APPLE! Started there long long ago and now I wish I would have stayed with them!

  3. Larry Ellis

    They are hurting in the pocketbook. That is what it takes to wake them up. I don’t care what you say Windows 8 is a shambles, as was Vista. They should have stayed with XP. Google and Emisoft are picking up the slack on this.


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