Microsoft is Offering Office App Free for All Windows 10 Users

By | February 22, 2019
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Microsoft is Offering Office App Free for All Windows 10 Users

On February 20, 2019, Microsoft introduced a new Office app available to all Windows 10 users. It replaces the current “My Office” app that comes pre-installed with Windows 10. You can read the official Office App announcement in this Microsoft blog post

The new Office App is a lot more useful than the old My Office app for those who are already using Microsoft Office, as well as to those who don’t have Microsoft Office installed or a Office 365 subscription. For those who do have a 365 subscription or MS Office installed, the new Office App functions as a hub for launching Office programs as well as opening recent Office documents. For those who don’t have Office installed or a 365 subscription, the Office App makes it easy to access the free web versions of Office programs.

The new Office App will come preinstalled with newer versions of Windows 10. Those who don’t want to wait can download the Office App here.

The new Office App is great for those looking for a free replacement for Microsoft office; you don’t need a Office 365 subscription or have Microsoft Office installed to use it/

While the current “My Office” app has some features of the new Office app, the new Office app makes it easier for those who don’t have Office installed and/or who are not Office 365 subscribers to access the free online versions of Office programs such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. right from the desktop. Microsoft hasn’t been very successful in promoting the free online Office programs and many people are not awaree that free versions of MS Office programs are available online. Now all of the free Office applications will be available from the desktop via new Office App.

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The new Office App

10 thoughts on “Microsoft is Offering Office App Free for All Windows 10 Users

  1. Janice M

    I’m sure glad to hear this news because the Office installed when I got my desktop was 2010 and since it’s so old, it’s certainly lost some of its pazazz! Thanks again for always bringing us the latest and greatest! Of course I do expect the greatest from you both since CLOUDEIGHT has always been THE GREATEST!! Believe me, I’m so grateful for all of your help; you’re the top “Gurus” of computing in my book!

  2. Tom

    Could not access My Office. It said to try another Account and or enter Key. I guess I will not be getting in. It does seem to be installed but limited to what I can use.

    1. infoave Post author

      If it’s important to you, you can uninstall My Office, then restart your computer and install the Office App. Open Settings > Apps and click on My Office. Then click the Uninstall button. Restart your computer – then see our article here to install the new Office App.

  3. Ralph E Minter

    I have Microsoft Word on my windows 10 computer. The older version of Word on my windows 7 computer had some features that are not on the newer version. Mainly the ability to make individual mailing labels. Is this feature available on Office?

    1. infoave Post author

      You can make mailing labels with Word 2016 see this page. Also, Office is the name of the suite that contains Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. It’s not the name of a program.

  4. Uwe Adric

    I use Libre Office so I won’t have any use for the new Office App. Besides, to get the App one needs to register with Microsoft for an account . I value what privacy that is left in this digital world and don’t need Microsoft monitoring my work; however this App might work for some who use the Microsoft Office products.

  5. JonInOz

    Thanks TC & EB,
    My Office works well for all my (male) office requirements, the lady of the house also likes it.
    We didn’t use ‘old or young’ MS Office ‘apps’ at home to a great extent and can’t afford to pay the MS fee to install Office 365.
    Miicrosoft can monitor my use to their hearts content, they will certainly be bored with my
    keystrokes slow typing … ;- p

    Windows is a Microsoft product with My Office on the list of ‘apps’ and Microsoft don’t need My Office
    to monitor users and as hackers can infiltrate almost everyone and every corporation, including governments
    as happened last week to the Australian Government.
    Add bank accounts, drivers licences, rates and rent notices, Social Services et al. all on the Internet.
    People who are concerned about their privacy should dispose of their computers, ‘phones, motor vehicles etc; and avoid CCTV cameras when ‘out and about’ in public places.

    Privacy with Enigma machines were hacked way back during WW2 , c’est la vie!

  6. Sherry

    I currently have the Office 365 subscription. How do I get rid of that now that I have the app? They’ve squeezed this turnip for enough blood.

    1. infoave Post author

      Keep in mind that that versions of MS Office programs that you can use with the Office App are all online and don’t have all the features that the programs included with Office 365 do.

      To cancel your Office 365 subscription, follow the instructions below:

      Go to and enter your login credentials.
      In the Services & subscriptions section, locate your subscription.
      Click on Manage.
      Select Cancel.
      In the popup box, select Confirm cancellation.


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