Microsoft offers downloadable CD image to repair PCs damaged by botched Win 7 security patch

By | April 20, 2013
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If your machine comes up with blue screens of death (BSODs) after installing Microsoft’s ill-fated KB 2823324/MS13-036 patch, Microsoft has just made available a download that will get your system going again. The CD image is only designed to bring back PCs that absolutely cannot be booted because of KB 2823324. It does not function as a general-purpose Windows 7 System Repair Disk.

Microsoft advises that if you are able to boot your Windows 7 PC, you should remove the botched Black Tuesday patch manually….

From InfoWorld —

7 thoughts on “Microsoft offers downloadable CD image to repair PCs damaged by botched Win 7 security patch

  1. Wanda Johnson

    Microsoft’s ill-fated KB 2823324/MS13-036 patch.

    First, I wanted to ask if this affects the Windows 64 bit computers? So far I have not had any problems with booting.

    Second, Should all Windows 7 remove this update no matter what version you have?

    Third, How would a person remove this update? Do you go to the Add/Remove and uninstall it from there, or is there something else a person needs to do to remove this update?

    1. Philip Reeves

      start menu/control panel/programs and features/view installed updates/scroll down to KB2823324/left click it/click ok or yes to uninstall

      1. Teddie H.

        Thank you Philip for the easy instructions. I have not been having problems but uninstalled it just to be on the safe side. Thank you TC and EB for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Gay

    Thanks as always for updating us on potential problems. This was the most recent WIN update on my computer. I uninstalled it just to be on the safe side, although no problems so far.

  3. Lizza

    I can still boot. I am still wondering if I have recently developed a hardware issue. I have been having blue screens of death in last few days. I’m running win7 64 bit.
    Now I will have to double check this also!

  4. paul

    I also haven’t had any problems,but why take chances.I deleted it as well.

  5. Wanda Johnson

    Thank you Philip Reeves. I followed your instructions a couple of days ago and I had no problems with uninstalling this update.


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