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By | October 13, 2012
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Joyce says “Help! There’s no menu bar on Google Chrome”
Thank you for the awesome job on my computer and in such a short time. I do have a problem that I hope you can resolve. You told me on Google Chrome, which I am using as my default browser, that I should always click File and then Exit. Well my problem is that there is no toolbar with File or any other icons. They aren’t on Chrome Google as far as I can determine. I have been going to Start and turning off the computer, is there another way to do this? Or am I missing the point of your instructions. Love you guys, you help me in so many ways you will never know. Hope you can answer this problem as I know it is probably one only a senior like myself would have. Thanks again for all you two do. Joyce

Our answer
Google Chrome has a very unique layout. There’s no traditional menu bar and no way to add one. But it does have an equivalent. If you’re using the very latest version of Chrome, you’ll see an icon in the top right corner — it’s very simple – three horizontal lines. Click that icon, you’ll see a menu appear… the last item on the menu is “Exit”.

You’ll also find other important things in that menu — like Bookmarks (and Import bookmarks), Settings, and even “Launch Chrome in Windows 8 mode” (if you’re using Windows 8).

We hope this helps you and others who may be wondering the same thing.

7 thoughts on “No menu bar in Google Chrome

  1. rena

    Wow! how neat! I am one of those seniors, and I didn’t know what that was there for. You guys are SuperHeroes to me. Thank you very much for ‘being there’ I am sure ‘we’ all love you, and I know ‘we’ all love what you do.

  2. William

    In Windows 8 and Chrome, when you click the three bar icon that replaced the wrench, there is no “Exit”?????????

  3. William

    Ignore previous – close and open fixed both little x at top right hand corner and the missing “Exit” reappeared.

  4. Markuz Zericci

    Meh… Chrome has had ample time to add an option for a menu bar for those that need it. The elitist attitude that “we don’t have one because we don’t want one” is asinine at best. There absolutely NO valid reason not to have the option of enabling a classic menu bar for those that need it.

    Google Chrome is yet another product, in a long line, that is putting an ultimatum to users, Relearn everything the way we say it should be done, or go back to IE / Firefox. The sad truth is, many people are doing just that.

    As is all too typical with Google, they could care less what the user wants, as long as they can get their grubby paws on that oh so lucrative user data!

    1. infoave Post author

      You’re in for a real treat. Microsoft’s new browser “Edge” which will replace Internet Explorer has a Setting menu just like Chrome. I guess that leaves only Firefox in the bourgeois class.

      I think Chrome’s settings menu is quite nice and has all the features of IE’s and Firefox’s menu. If Google is elitist then Microsoft will be ultra-elitist with their new browser.

      I can just see the powers at Microsoft looking down upon the masses saying, “Let them eat cake…”

      1. Richard

        With what seems like complete condescension, probably bordering on disdain, you chide and ridicule others for no other reason than their preference is different than yours. What’s more is you seem to relish in it. From what I’ve read, it adversely affected a lot of people when Google took away the option (their power) to make the decision for themselves if they wanted the traditional menu, or not.
        You can say whatever you want about whether someone should or shouldn’t be feeling upset over something that left many feeling ‘dis-empowered.’ But there’s no way you can say whether or not they do or don’t feel whatever bad feelings they feel because of Google’s actions.
        So, basically what you’re doing is tantamount to poking someone’s open wound with a stick. Sounds like you’re being an online bully of sorts, don’t you think? Even if you’re justified, even if you’re right in everything you said, is that more important than hurting others? Is it okay because they’re faceless, anonymous people to you?
        Is being right that important? Is being right more important than people? Just because you’re smarter than most, can you try some empathy once in a while, and maybe don’t be such a dick?
        It’s really easy to be a good person and do the right thing when everything is going well. But the true character of a person is measured in how they conduct themselves during the worst of times. Just something to think about.

        1. infoave Post author

          I”m sorry you feel that way. Apparently Microsoft agrees with Google – Microsoft’s new browser “Microsoft Edge” which will replace Internet Explorer looks almost exactly like Chrome. Does this mean I’m ridiculing you? Chiding you? Actually it only makes sense to keep the viewing area of the browser as uncluttered as possible unless you prefer looking at borders and toolbars.

          We don’t appreciate your puerile language and you will not be a allow to post again on this site. I just didn’t want to be accused by you, under a pseudonym or by obfuscating your IP address, of only posting answers that are complimentary to us or which agree with our opinions. You’ve had your say – but it will be your last say on this site.

          I never called anyone a childish name like you have me. Grow up.

          We also want everyone to know, you didn’t have the courage to use your real email address – it’s okay – we have your IP address.


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