Norton (Symantec) Says: “Antivirus Software Is Dead”

By | May 7, 2014
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We learned a long time ago that antivirus alone doesn’t really do much at all. Most of us are very, very unlikely to encounter a virus on the Internet – we’re far more likely to encounter rogues, bundlers, and other malware. We’ve been saying Norton and McAfee are wastes of system resources (as well as some other antivirus programs). Now Symantec, the maker of Norton Antivirus admits antivirus software alone is mostly impotent.

We’ll put in a shameless plug for Emsisoft because it is an antimalware and antivirus both. It can help protect you from the things you’re most likely to bump heads with on the Internet. So — we were right again…

Symantec: Antivirus software is ‘dead’ and only catches 45% of cyberattacks


Symantec has declared antivirus software “dead” as it finally gets ready to take the fight to the new breed of cyber security threats that are plaguing companies across the globe.

Brian Dye, Symantec senior VP for information security, told the Wall Street Journal that antivirus is no longer a “moneymaker in any way” for Symantec or any other firm and that technology is being developed that will limit the effect future cyber attacks have.

This week will see the launch of a Symantec response team that will help businesses that have been hacked and put it in a position to challenge its competitors. In six months time it’s planned that the company will be able to sell intelligence briefings on specific threats to let clients work out if they are being hacked and why hackers have chosen to attack the business in question.

Symantec is also devising technology that will allow it look for more advanced malicious software inside a network in order to give it a service that is similar to those already offered by competitors, and Dye hinted at some annoyance with Symantec’s sluggish investment in new technology. “It’s one thing to sit there and get frustrated,” said Dye. “It’s another thing to act on it, go get your act together and go play the game you should have been playing in the first place”.


5 thoughts on “Norton (Symantec) Says: “Antivirus Software Is Dead”

  1. Joan Boynton

    It’s about time. I never got, rid of that a long time ago. It’s good they finally woke up. They must have had the same CEO that Kodak had that woke up to late.

  2. Don Barness

    I quit Norton years ago. ‘Emisoft’ gave me super aggravations too. I bought a 3-pack from you. It killed magicJack repeatedly on my primary Win7 desktop. It killed Firefox on my wife’s Win8 laptop. I used Revo Uninstaller to get rid of it. It seemed to update itself every 15 minutes and tell me so, and it it did that it paused whatever I was doing. Now we use ‘Avast free’.

  3. Gordon Daniell

    Do not understand Don’s problem.
    Running win. 8.1, with Firefox as my default browser. replaced my land line phone with magic jack years ago.
    Running Emisoft for more than a month now,without any problems.
    Am planning to install 2nd emisoft on my win. 7 computer with same setup, do not anticipate any issues.

    1. infoave Post author

      Don is not giving factual information. Emsisoft cannot cause a problem with MagicJack or Firefox. It’s impossible. Therefore Don’s problem is most likely something he installed against the warning from Emsisoft — a rogue or a Trojan. I’ve offered to check his system and detail the malware installed on his system. As with most good products there are always those who have something better. However, Avast isn’t it. We have fixed computers with Avast installed which were full of malware (have actual copies of some of the removal logs), so Don is in for quite a surprise if he continues to think Avast is going to protect him from Malware.

  4. Terry

    Hurray again Cloudeight, you always seem to be ahead of the game. Installed Emsisoft on my new win 8 laptop with no problems. Will soon be getting a new PC to replace XP and will use Emsisoft on it also.


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