9 thoughts on “On Security and Privacy: Take our poll

  1. Deanna Baugh

    There should be someone who will let us know what is going on in government because our government sure won’t do that these days. So be it that it is Eric Snowden. I would hope that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple are not conspiring to back stab the very public that supports there businesses! Government has overstepped their bounds, wish there was something us little guys could do about it!!!

  2. Nancy Phipps

    I also have to go along with Deanna. I have never felt this betrayed by our country’s government.

  3. Bill (HogMan)

    I have to say that my answer is what i feel as far as what the Bible has to say about the end time prophesy. Now i know some that might read this is gonna say oh no here is that nut again but in order for Satan to be able to know everything about everybody that is left after the rapture he must put it all together before the rapture. So all the people that has the tools and knowledge to help put all this together will be used whether it be willingly or forced because of the law of the land it has to happen. I’m not predicting a time frame i’m just saying that it has to happen. As far as Eric i don’t look at him as either or but someone that was trusted to do a job and then done what he did and it was wrong for our country. The Bible says that as we get close to his return that good will be perceived bad and bad will be perceived good. Ok i have said enough so i finish with this GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. HogMan

  4. Lainey

    I agree with Bill that certain events are necessary during this time. As far as Eric Snowden goes, he may have been entrusted with certain classified data and broken that trust, but how do you continue in a job that violates your principals and the constitution? We should thank him for bringing out into the open just how far our government will go to keep tabs on its people. At least we know now that it was not all done just for national security.

  5. Muriel S.

    Ken Roberts. I don’t think our nation has lost it’s identity. It simply has a new one, in the eyes of the world. It’s you and me that have lost our identity as individuals, in the eyes of our own country. What if all us pee-ons joined together and “incorporated” ourselves. We could call ourselves The REAL Citizen’s United, and confuse the heck out of ’em. Bet we’d have a voice, then.

  6. Joe

    There’s already an organization that vow’s to defend the constitution. All of these people have taken the oath to defend the constitution. Police,firefighters,Military,veterans,etc. The organization is called: OathKeepers.


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