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By | October 5, 2012
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With the release of Windows 7 came the decline of our Cloudeight Stationery site. We tried to make stationery for Windows Live Mail – but almost everyone who used Windows Live Mail was not happy with it. Plus creating  stationery for Windows Live Mail was not a very creative endeavor due to the restrictions of Windows Live Mail. Microsoft claimed they were going to improve it — but almost four years later Windows Live Mail isn’t any better. Windows 8 takes a step backward with its primitive mail app. If my PC were a smartphone or a tablet, a mail app would be okay — but my PC needs a full-fledged email client, not some Android mail app rip-off.

We fell upon hard times the last few years as we struggled to make up for the loss of all those Windows Mail and Outlook Express users who, weren’t coming anymore because well, they didn’t have an email program with which they could use our stationery. Email seemed to be on the decline with the rise of social networking and video chat and Skype.

When we found a way to work around Microsoft’s deactivation of Windows Mail in Windows 7 (and Windows 8) we began making plans to making new stationery. We can help any Windows 7 or Windows 8 user get Windows Mail back, and they’ll be able to use our stationery again – complete with music and scrolling (our regular stationery) or without (our QuickNotes stationery).

We’re going to be releasing new stationery for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day — as well as stationery that can be used year around.

Today we released three new QuickNotes collections for Windows Mail and Outlook Express:

American Childhood
Seasons of Life

If you love using stationery, but have been disappointed with your choice of Email programs for Windows 7 (and Windows 8), we can enable Windows 7 for you in your 64bit or 32bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Please see http://thundercloud.net/direct/winmail.htm  for details.

Even if you don’t use stationery, you’ll find Windows Mail a much more capable email program than any other free email program out there. It’s more stable and less prone to problems than Windows Live Mail — which Microsoft never updated much since it was released four years ago.

If you’re a Windows Mail or Outlook Express user and you like to use stationery, you’ll be happy to hear we’re back in the stationery-making business again. And with Halloween and Christmas coming, you’ll find a lot of great new holiday stationery coming your way.

Thanks for your support of our new endeavors — we hope you’ll give us the same support as we begin to revitalize our original endeavor — Cloudeight Stationery.

5 thoughts on “Our commitment to Cloudeight Stationery

  1. Colleen

    I was wondering about the stationary for IncrediMail. I used to be able to download a version of the stationary but have not been able to find it lately. Has it become obsolete as well?

    1. infoave Post author

      Since IncrediMail has changed hands, Malwarebytes shows some IncrediMail components to be PUP (Potentially Unwanted Software). IncrediMail is a browser and search engine highjacker and it contains components we feel are not good for users’ privacy. Hence we will no long support IncrediMail directly or tacitly by creating stationery for it any longer.

  2. Judy

    I am a long time customer/fan of Cloudeight, you guys are fantastic and knowing that we can trust you in this world of many scams is HUGE!!:O) I LOVE and use your stationery ALL the time. I have Windows Live Mail and am not happy with it BUT I can use the stationery with no “issues”.
    Thank you so much for all you do for all of us!!!

  3. Robyn Walker

    Hi, I am so happy that you are both going to continue with the stationery..I use it all the time even though most of my friends can’t use the stationery as they don’t have O/E ..but they love receiving my emails…I have outlook express with XP and I’m going to cry tears of blood when I will have to eventually give it up..thank you both for always keeping us well informed about our computers ..I have learnt so much and I appreciate you both very much… bless you both
    Love and Hugs

  4. Cynthia

    I am already using Windows Mail in Vista, but I hope you will get many takers on your option to add it for those with Windows 7 and 8. I know when I have to purchase a new computer I will be contacting you right away to install Windows Mail for me. What worries me is that when they quit support for Vista, then I suppose that will be the end of support for Windows Mail too.

    I would like to see you do is add more icons, etc., for your Folder Magic program.


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