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By | February 4, 2016
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InfoAve Premium is now free! Please invite your friends to join!

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Windows Secrets newsletter recently announced they are doing away with their free newsletter and going with a paid subscription mode. Cloudeight InfoAve Premium is doing away with the paid subscription model and making InfoAve Premium a free newsletter. Soon, we will be merging Cloudeight News and InfoAve Premium into one newsletter – “Cloudeight InfoAve Premium” .

We hope by making our InfoAve Premium newsletter free for everyone, we will be making it easier for you to invite your friends to join us too. We think we have the best computer newsletter anywhere and we hope you do too. But we can only keep going if we continue to grow. You can help us by asking you friends to join us by sending them to this page or to the permanent subscribe form.

The easiest way to share this with as many friends as you like at once, is to scroll to the bottom of this article and click the “Email” button. You can share with as many friends as you want, just remember to separate each email address with a  comma.

Also, you can share this page with you friends.

The URL is:


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The link to the permanent subscribe page is:


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Please help spread the word and keep us growing. Since we’re now a free newsletter it should be easier for you to help us grow . We appreciate your help very much.

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