Six Quick Tips For Windows You Will Use

Six Quick Tips For Windows You Will Use These tips work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Open an extended context menu, by pressing and holding down SHIFT Key while you right-click any file or folder. Press Ctrl+Shift and then right-click on the Taskbar and you’ll see the option “Exit Explorer”. Quickly… Read More »

Privacy Badger: Your Badger of Privacy

Privacy Badger: The Badger of Privacy We think “Do Not Track” browser features and browser add-ons are pretty much worthless – they assume that everything and everyone is tracking you for evil purposes and thus they block everything regardless of who or what it is, who it is , even it may be beneficial. Yes,… Read More »

Watching Out For You

Watching Out For You We’ve been on the Web since 1998. And we’ve seen it all. From the fantasyland the web used to be when only a few people knew about it, until now when the world could not function without it We have seen high times and low times and times everywhere in between.… Read More »

Strong Passwords Made Easy

Strong Passwords Made Easy We have preached and preached about using a good password manager like LastPass (or pick any good password manager) to create and manage passwords,. But we have finally realized that many of you are still not using a password manager and you’re never going to. But we can’t begin to tell… Read More »