PC Matic – The Hocus-Pocus Never Stops

By | January 17, 2017
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This post has been removed due to continued harassment from PC Matic. We don’t have the time to continue answering their emails or money to fight them. You can derive from this what you will…


6 thoughts on “PC Matic – The Hocus-Pocus Never Stops

  1. Judy G

    Thank you for checking this out and letting us know what it is “really” all about. I see the ad for this on TV every day and my friend always says it sounds like such a good deal and after reading about it, I keep telling him, “Not on our computers”. Now I can show him your comments on the product, name change, etc.
    Thanks again!

  2. Charlotte Mitchell

    All of this is pretty obvious if one carefully observes both the people and the hype of the ads – so glad you made it crystal clear!

  3. Sandy

    Great article. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. We’d be in a mess if it wasn’t for you people. Thank you.

  4. DORIS


  5. Dodi Glenn


    Thank you for the post. Please allow me to clarify a few things.

    First, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our products. If anyone dislikes the product, for what ever reason, they will receive their money back.

    Additionally, the experience you have outlined is our pre-purchase experience. I would be more than happy to give you a registration key, so that you can try out our real-time protection, called Super Shield. This will let you see the power of the product, in how well it blocks malware.

    Our driver update process is unique, and is unlike the competition. We don’t just randomly suggest the latest drivers for our customers. We actually test each one, to make sure they are working, before they get pushed out to our customer base. We have a vast amount of telemetry data that lets us know when the driver should be published.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. I sent you an email, prior to writing this post, but have not heard back.

    Best wishes,
    Dodi Glenn

    1. infoave Post author


      We can appreciate your opinion, since your income depends on PC Matic sales, but I beg to differ. There is nothing unique about your software. A good analogy to your software would be diet pills. I’m sure all the ingredients in diet pills would be deemed efficacious by someone or some thing. However, claiming that a diet pill can make you thin without diet and exercise is ludicrous. Yet, billions of dollars are spent on over-the-counter diet pills that we know don’t work. Companies that make diet pills can make all the outrageous claims they want because their industry is just as unregulated as yours.

      Your claims are ludicrous. I never said your software downloaded incorrect drivers, but anything that installs drivers simply because they are updated implies that updated drivers are better and necessary even when there are no hardware or graphics adapter issues – and no PC problems as all. Your driver-updater software? Just another one of several gimmicks PC Matic uses to lure non-savvy computer users into believing in yet another in a long line of one-click-fix-it software. 

      Your company is really good at making claims without providing a single modicum of proof. Show me proof that all your advertising claims are true. Show me proof that your security software protects computers as well as you say. For instance, show me something from Virus Bulletin or test results from AV Comparatives or any other reputable independent testing lab  that shows PC Matic ranked anywhere near the top or even ranked “average”.  

      AV Comparatives: February: https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/avc_factsheet2017_02.pdf PC Matic is nowhere to be found in those test results. You’re going to tell me you software wasn’t tested. I am going to tell you that you could have had it tested if you really believed it would fare well.

      Virus Bulletin doesn’t seem to think much of PC Matic’s security shield… the shield which your advertising claims “Feel safe using our superior security software, which is researched, developed, and supported in the United States. Our product effectively stops what other products cannot by using our proprietary whitelisting technology.”

      Making users whitelist is just a gimmick. Most users would have no idea what to whitelist – so this part of PCMatic is just snake oil. 

      And it sure looks to me that independent testing lab Virus Bulletin doesn’t think very much of your software:

      Virus Bulletin rates PC MATIC poorly

      And here’s yet another claim you can’t prove and one that anyone who knows anything about computers would cause a smirk: “Increase your productivity with a faster PC. PCs slow down the more we use them, unless they are properly maintained. Our PC optimization tools keep your PC running at its peak performance with scheduled scans cleaning out junk files and the accumulated data that you do not need on your computer.”

      Really? You’re telling me that cleaning out junk files and “accumulated data” … whatever that means… is going to make my computer run faster? Honest? We’re not living in the age of 2 GB hard drives, 512 MB of RAM and Pentium single-core processors anymore.

      Your product, in my opinion, is worthless. And it’s not the driver updater or your security component or the “junk cleaner” that is the biggest problem, it’s all the “Diet Pill” claims you make; your “Lose weight without diets or exercise” claims. 

      So Dodi, show me some empirical data —  some proof that PC Matic does all your company says it does and I’ll post your proof right here I’ll I’ll publically recant any negatives I’ve written. Don’t send me customer testimonials. Send me proof. Show me before and after benchmarks by an independent 3rd-party.

      I don’t need to try your software to see how well it protects from malware, I understand how it works.  PC Matic is no different than WinScrubber or any of the other “As seen on TV” snake oil. And PC Matic claims many of the same things that Advanced System Care does. Funny thing… Malwarebytes is now tagging and removing Advanced System Care as malware.

      Honest companies who make honest software would not need to pay people like you to troll the internet trying to put out fires.


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