Print to PDF: Windows 10

By | November 4, 2015
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Print to PDF: Windows 10

Did you know you don’t need to go searching the Web for software or Web sites to create PDF documents? You have everything you need already. Check it out.

Click the Start button —-> Settings —-> Devices —-> Printers & scanners.


Do you have a Word Document you want to convert to PDF? No problem. Open your Word document and click on Print. In the Print dialog, select Microsoft Print to PDF and and click “Print”. MS Word will ask you to name your PDF file and choose where you want to save it – and that’s all there is to it.

You can do this with almost any program on Windows 10:

WordPad? No problem.

Notepad? No problem.

You can print your JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF images as PDF. Just about anything you can open and print on Windows 10, you can print to PDF. So don’t go searching the Web for a file converter, don’t waste your time using a file conversion Web site. If you’re using Windows 10, you have everything you need.

This is a highly sensitive Word doc I converted to PDF (got to love Faststone’s Blur feature…):


Did you know that you can open PDF files with MS Word? At least you can with MS Word 2016 and you can convert PDF files to Word documents without any additional software or conversion sites.

If I have a PDF file I want to convert to Word Document format, I can open it in MS Word and save is as a Word Document.
Keep in mind, if your PDF contains a lot of images, it may not look exactly like the original — or so says Microsoft:

5 thoughts on “Print to PDF: Windows 10

  1. Charles Heineke

    Thank you for all of the great tips you provide, that I’ve been reading for many years.

    Here’s a suggestion for your newsletter. Your newsletters would be much more helpful when saving them if you’d include the subject of the newsletter in the subject, instead of just the name, Cloudeight InfoAve Daily. For example, having Print to PDF: Windows 10 in the Subject would be very helpful in finding this info in our Cloudeight email folder instead of just the newsletter’s name. Perhaps something like this: Cloudeight InfoAve Daily: Print to PDF: Windows 10.

    1. Rich

      I agree with you, Charles. The way I have worked around this is copying the the “article” and pasting it into a “free” Evernote program and putting it in an Evernote folder of your choosing e.g. Cloudeight tips or Cloudeight Windows 10. You can then access it from any computer or smartphone that you have Evernote on. I find this very helpful.

    2. Pam Baker

      I also love the newsletter and tips every week.

      Like Charles, I save them all. It would be very handy if the subject was in the title.
      I have starred (gmail) the ones I think are important to me at the time.
      Then I have to go through each one to find the one I’m looking for.
      It might even be in the ones I haven’t starred. And I have years worth.
      It’s just a thought and a handy hint for us readers.

      Thank you Cloud Eight and Eightball.

    3. infoave Post author

      Like many daily/weekly newsletters, our Daily News is a feed from our Website – i.e. we post it on InfoAve and whatever we post that day is fed to an news aggregator (in this case Google) and it’s compiled and sent out each night. Sometimes our daily newsletter will have 3 or 4 articles and sometimes it will have just one. A subject line is not necessary because a quick glance at the content tells you what’s in the newsletter – the title of the article is bold and large and there are only a couple lines of descriptive text. This gives the subscriber the option to click on the title to read the entire article or not. Subject lines would not be helpful since headline(s) serve the same purpose – it takes about 5 second to open the mail and look at the headline(s) for a reader to decide whether or not the article may be of interest. If so, the reader can click on the headline to read more.

      It does not take very long to determine whether or not the article(s) are interesting to you:

      Infoave Daily

  2. Marilyn Chapman

    I agree with Charles Heineke in showing the actual title of the article in the subject. Thanks for all the good info. i’ve been following you since you started Cloudeight way back around 1995.


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