Public Domain Images You Can Use For Anything

By | July 21, 2014
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One of the things that almost everyone who uses the Internet loves best are images. And many use images they grab off the web that are copyrighted or otherwise restricted-use images. After a couple of decades grabbing someone else’s images and using them for our own pages, posts, social networking sites, etc. has become a matter of fact — but that doesn’t make it right.

We have found a site where every picture is public domain, pictures you can use for anything you want without violating anyone’s intellectual property rights.

There are thousands of images on this site and  most likely you’ll find just the right picture for your page or project and feel good that you have the right to use the image without restriction.

Best of all, all the images on this site are high resolution images and you are free to use any of them as you like. No restrictions. No guilt. No worries, mate.

So if you are looking for free, public domain, high resolution images — thousands of them — then you’ll want to visit Splashbase right now and browse though the huge gallery of images. We will betcha you find aomething there that you like.

Raspberries? You want raspberries?


Splasbase just might become one of your favorite Web sites. Visit right now.

3 thoughts on “Public Domain Images You Can Use For Anything

  1. narnies

    oh what a gem you are, this is just what I have been so looking for.
    Cant do with out you TC Hugs and thanks for all the info..xx

  2. Carolyn

    I was browsing through the pictures and Emisoft hauled up a warning about a malicious host trying to access the computer. It isolated it and I moved on. Love that Emisoft! Anyway, it might be a good idea to have Emisoft on your computer before you browse this site.

    1. infoave Post author

      I browsed this site for over an hour and I use Emsisoft. It would appear you have Emsisoft set to paranoid mode and not to normal mode — or the page you were viewing had an advertisement hosted by a server that Emsisoft rates as malicious. We love Emsisoft, but it’s not 100% perfect, nothing is. If we recommend a site you can be 100% sure it’s safe and we have checked its background and have visited the site more than once.

      Your best bet (for your benefit and Emsisoft’s) is to report this false positive so that if you are using normal mode (and not paranoid/panic mode) that Emsisoft can white list this site — which they will do. It helps other when you report a false positive.

      Please remember when we recommend a freeware program or a Web site, we’ve tested it thoroughly. If you are reading articles more than a few months old things may change over time and caution is advisable — but this article was written yesterday…so we are 100% positive the site is safe today.

      Big hint: Do NOT assume any software program is going to be 100% correct, 100% of the time – such a program does not exist. If the site or program is recommended by someone you trust, then trust the people who recommended it.


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