Quick! Get Rid of Apple Quicktime

By | April 21, 2016
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Quick! Get Rid of Apple QuickTime

A Warning For All Windows Users

A plethora of warnings are spreading across the net in the wake of Apple’s announcement that it will be “deprecating” Apple QuickTime for Windows. Several security firms as well as the U. S. Department of Homeland security are alerting Windows users and advising them to get QuickTime off their computers as quickly as possible. According to several reports, QuickTime is vulnerable to security breaches and will likely be used by hackers and criminals to control Windows PCs remotely. According to several reports, Apple last updated QuickTime in January 2016

You can use Control Panel —>Programs —>Remove a Program or a program like Geek Uninstaller to remove Apple QuickTime. The only reason why a Windows user would need QuickTime is to play .MOV files. If you need to play .MOV files you can use a program like VLC Player which is available free of charge from Video Lan.

The following is from the “Washington Post” newspaper:

U.S. Homeland Security Warns Windows Users to Remove Apple QuickTime

“If your Windows PC still runs Apple’s QuickTime, it’s time to find another video player.

“The Department of Homeland Security just issued a warning that recommends removing QuickTime for Windows after cybersecurity firm Trend Micro reported finding two “critical vulnerabilities” in the program, which Apple will no longer be providing security updates for.

“Software often stills works after a company ends support, but users are left at risk because newly discovered security problems won’t be fixed. The warning only applies to the Windows version of QuickTime, so Mac users don’t need to worry about it.

“Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but QuickTime for Windows has been on the decline for awhile. Apple never supported the program for Windows 8 or 10 — the two most recent flavors of Microsoft’s operating system — and its last security update was in January.

In a blog post Thursday, Trend Micro wrote that it had reported two major bugs in the software to Apple but that the tech giant didn’t fix them. The flaws could be exploited by a cybercriminal to attack computers when users visit a malicious website or open an unsafe file, according to the cybersecurity firm...”

Read the rest of the “Washington Post” article here.

6 thoughts on “Quick! Get Rid of Apple Quicktime

  1. Jan

    I downloaded Geek Uninstaller to get rid of Apple QuickTime. Now I can’t find the program on my Windows 10 computer under “all programs”. Where would I look for it if I want to use it again.

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Jan — Geek uninsstaller does not install – you just download it and run it. If you have not changed your settings, go into your downloads folder, and open the folder called Geek. Right-click on geek.exe and choose “Pin to Start”, “Pin to Taskbar”, or Send to Desktop (Create shortcut) – or any or all of them. You can run Geek without unzipping it, but if you want to make shortcuts as mentioned you’ll need to unzip it first, -then open the folder that is created when you unzip Geek and create your shortcuts.

  2. Muriel Schlecht

    Probably 10-15 years ago I bought a marketing series of downloadable audios which were prepared on a Mac. They required Quicktime for Windows for me to be able to listen to them, so I downloaded Quicktime. Soon after, I received a security warning on Quicktime (can’t remember from where). I forwarded it to the author of the audios (an internationally respected and prominent author of such things). Within a week or two the author had made MP3 versions of that series available at no charge to all the purchasers who use Windows, and as an optional download for future purchasers. Since then, I have avoided the need for all versions of Qicktime for Windows, so can’t speak to whether or not a safe Windows version was ever available. Apparently, not much has changed or it has come full circle in the “security problems” arena. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Janice M

    Thanks for the heads up about Apple Quicktime! I see that I do NOT have it at all, however I do see APPLE BONJOUR installed. Is it necessary or should I uninstall this as well?

    Thank You, once again.

  4. Charlene Roberts

    Well I have some disks that require quick time to open for tutorials so what do I use instead ?

    1. infoave Post author

      VLC player opens any file that Quicktime opens


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