Quick Windows 10 Power Tip

By | November 6, 2016
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Quick Windows 10 Power Tip

Go to your Windows 10 desktop ( if you’re not there now you can get there quickly by pressing Windows Key + D). Now press the ALT + F4 keys. What do your bloodshot eyes behold? A Windows Shutdown (restart, switch user, log off, etc.) dialog that you’ve probably never seen before. At least EB and I have never seen it. We stumble on stuff like this while playing around with possible tips.

Anyway, when your on the Windows 10 desktop, press the ALT + F4 keys and you’ll see this:

Cloudeight Internet

You can shut down, sign out, sleep (not you, your computer), switch user, or restart. All you have to do tap ALT + F4 from the Windows 10 desktop.

Yeah, we know there are several other ways to do all this, but this is old fashioned Windows – you can see by the old-style dialog that Windows XP lives inside of Windows 10!

Now you can look like a power user. Amaze your friends & startle your enemies!


8 thoughts on “Quick Windows 10 Power Tip

  1. Bob Miller

    Very cool, but I know I’ll probably forget, so I guess until I get use to it, I’ll have to start a text listing of your shortcuts so I don’t have to go looking through all your emails for it. Keep up the great helpful tips. Thanks

  2. Jennifer Akridge

    This didn’t work for me. I use Windows 10 and when I press the Alt F4 keys all I get is a little vertical bar with a settings wheel on it which lasts about a second.

  3. Sharon

    Received this from a friend. May be or not be accurate…how to find out before using paypal on your site?

    For those of you that use PayPal:
    I was scammed yesterday in an Email.
    The Email looks like it comes from PayPal and says it wants to verify a transaction. It goes on to give you a transaction number, date and amount. It then has a long string of links that you are guided to click on to get into your account. When you click on the link you get a PayPal login screen. You’re asked for the usual Email and password. Entering both, a page opens and the first thing it ask for is to update your credit card information.
    This scam is after your credit card information and I believe it grabs your PayPal password.


    There was no transaction with the number, date or amount.

    It is not a real PayPal site.

    Suggested Action:

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    Log into the real PayPal and notify them of the fraud.

    1. infoave Post author

      This is called a PHISHING email and it’s not unique to PayPal. In fact it happens to millions of people every year, and we’ve covered this dozens of times. A phishing email is meant to trick you into giving up your passwords. DO NOT EVER CLICK A LINK IN A MAIL SUPPOSEDLY FROM A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION or CREDIT CARD COMPANY asking you to click a link to “verify your information” or “change your password” or login for any reason. A legitimate financial institution or credit card company will NEVER ask you to click a link in an email. NEVER EVER click a link in an email that supposedly leads to a bank, credit card company or anything else that deals with money. If you’re not sure, visit the site by TYPING IN ITS ADDRESS directly in your browser for example – http://www.paypal.com, or http://www.discover.com.

      We have covered this hundreds of times in our newsletters, here’s an example for you.


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