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By | October 6, 2012
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Hermann asks about Readability
Just wondering if you heard or have any information on a freeware app called “Readability”. It is supposed to be plugin for browsers to replicate the “Mac Reader Mode” turning whatever web page you are viewing into a nice clean document.

It is found at , since I’m a bit cautious when I’m asked to sign up for anything just try it out, and the fact I don’t see much of a “Privacy Statement” either.

I have a neighbor friend with a Mac, and I like what it does to web page, and I often wondered why Windows PC’s didn’t have something similar.
Thank you for all your support, take care, Hermann.

Our answer
Thanks so much, Herman. We’ve recommended Readability before — it’s one of the “good” browser extensions. It makes a cluttered web site more readable — and makes it easier to print as well. Evernote has a nice feature too – called “Clearly” which does the same thing as Readability — maybe even a little better. And we’re catching up to the modern age too. We’ve installed a feature on our InfoAve site that allows you to send any tip, freeware pick or article on the site via email. It also allows you to strip away the ads and extraneous things and print just the article – or save it as PDF. You can try that out at

So yes — we do think highly of Readability and Evernote’s Clearly. It’s a great way to read or print any article without all the clutter and distractions.

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