Reimage and RegZooka and more

By | June 11, 2011
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Carolyn asks about Reimage and RegZooka.
Some of the commentary on Reimage aren’t (isn’t) so good. Have you heard any contrary info on them? I’ve heard of RegZooka before and only good things. I’ve heard both good and negative about Reimage. Would be interested in your take on both of them.

Our answer
RegZooka is a registry cleaner; Reimage is a system restore utility. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

RegZooka isn’t the best registry cleaner we’ve ever tested and we’ve tested dozens of them. We’ve looked at some of these “glowing reviews” and we’ve discovered is most of them were posted by bloggers trying to make money from RegZooka’s generous commission policy.

Reimage is not an every day maintenance program, like a registry cleaner/optimizer. Rather it is a utility you would use when you may otherwise be considering taking your computer in for repair. And you’ll hear more bad than good about everything in this world – those who are not satisfied always make the most noise.

Reimage can repair serious Windows problems, software issues, infected computers, and so on. It cannot repair bad video cards, bad hard drives, etc. Many older computer issues are caused by hard drives which are going bad – and when a hard drive has so many bad sectors or when its mechanical parts start failing, nothing short of a new hard drive is going to repair it. Reimage is the only software of it’s type. While one of its components is a registry repair, cleaner, and optimizer, it’s a minor component of

There are several dozen registry cleaner/optimizers like RegZooka. We tested it and found it lacking when compared with Registry Commander and Registry Mechanic. RegZooka seems to be paying very high commissions to its affiliates, hence all the “good reviews” from bloggers and tech sites. We’ll tell you the truth – regardless of the commission level. We could make more money selling it than Registry Commander, but we don’t feel it’s as good and therefore we can’t and won’t recommend it.

Reimage is an excellent product – and now it works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit computers. Reimage offers win-win deal. Either it repairs your Windows computer or your get your money back. If you take your computer to Best Buy for repair for example, you’ll pay around $200 (usually even more), and generally they’ll repair your computer by formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows.

That’s always going to fix your computer – assuming there are no hardware problems – bad hard drive, bad video card, bad networking cards, etc. But unless you have a mirror-image backup (and if you did you probably would have used it to repair your computer instead of Reimage or taking it to Best Buy, etc.) you’re going to lose all your data. So it only make sense when you are at a point with your computer – where you’re either going to take it Best Buy or some other place to have it repaired, to give Reimage a try first. It most cases Reimage can fix your computer for a fraction of the cost of a repair service. And you can use Reimage three times in one 12-month period – for one low pice. And if Reimage doesn’t work for you – you get a full refund.

Registry Cleaners/Optimizers like RegZooka, Registry Mechanic, and Registry Commander are maintenance tools – they’re not going to fix a computer that is need of serious repair. They can fix minor issues with the registry, keep your registry clean and help your computer run better longer – but registry cleaners won’t fix major issues with your computer – the kind that would cause you to consider taking it to a computer repair service.

And keep in mind, always, that those who are not happy with something are always the most vocal. We’ve had hundreds of readers who’ve used Reimage and only a handful who said it didn’t work for them. We’ve had more write and tell us how good it worked for them by far, than those who have had problems. And that is a good indication that the vast majority have had success with Reimage. Those who are not happy are much more likely to write and complain.

And we’d like to make a point of letting everyone know that now Reimage now works on 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

We hope this answers your questions and addresses your concerns.

3 thoughts on “Reimage and RegZooka and more

  1. Denise

    I have purchased Reimage some months ago and have used it about 3-4 times already. It is tops. Thank God for Reimage that I dont have to take my pc or call a repairer everytime I may discern a problem. I just let Reimage scan my pc and repair. So far so good!!!
    Thank you Cloudeight and Reimage, you all have saved me, time, energy and dollars.

    1. Gewa

      “System Alert” and that I have swpraye installed on my computer-and to download this program to get rid of it. I’ve tried going to the control panel and add,remove programs but it doesn’t show up there. I’ve tried control+alt+delete and stopping the process but it doesn’t appear there either. If I left or right click it, it takes me to this site for “AntiVirGear”. Finally in a last ditch attempt to get rid of it I downloaded the free version of the program but the stupid thing is still there! My Yahoo! AntiSpy doesn’t detect it. It’s really driving me nuts because everytime the bubble pops up it restores anything I have on full screen back to normal size like movies or games. Has anyone heard of this and gotten rid of it? Please help!!

  2. Vicky T.

    I tried Reimage per Information Ave. e-newsletter’s recommendation and it actually made my pc worse even after 2 online remote sessions with their techs.
    One tech erased a spell corrector program I use. Not sure why he did that. To their credit they refunded my money quickly upon request.


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