Remove pesky security suites with this Cloudeight freeware pick

By | October 24, 2011
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Break the surly bonds of your subscription security software with AppRemover…

If you’re stuck in an endless loop of paying Norton, McAfee or any others who offer subscription security suites and want to break free we have a program for you.

Most of you know that there are good free anti-virus solutions available – like AVAST for example. Many of you know that there are good anti-spyware products out there both free and commercial, like SUPERAntiSpyware.

If you want to break free of the surly bonds of the likes of Norton or McAfee and their ilk, you’ll need to be careful. Installing a new anti-virus program while using one of these security suites can cause many problems including loss of protection and other computer issues. So you’ll need to completely uninstall the security suite before going ahead with replacing with free anti-virus and free or lower cost anti-spyware. But Norton and McAfee, to name two, don’t make the task of removing them very easy. Norton, for example, admits their uninstaller doesn’t work correctly and was forced to offer a free Norton Removal Tool.

Completely removing that bloated, costly security suite used to be a royal pain – that is until now. We’ve found a free application (free for the time being anyway) that allows you to completely remove many popular anti-virus programs and “Internet Security” suites including Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Panda, Kaspersky, Sophos and others.

It doesn’t get any easier to remove those often hard-to-remove security suites. A very simple interface makes it a snap for you to do.

Cloudeight InfoAve

The developer’s description is straight forward: “AppRemover™ is a lightweight utility that enables users to silently uninstall security solutions such as antivirus and antispyware applications. This utility is ideal for technology vendors and system administrators seeking to add software removal functionality.

Although it sounds like a tool for techies and IT types, you can use it. You’re a system administrator after all. You’re the system admin on your own computer – maybe you didn’t even know it!

If you’re ready to break the bonds that bind you to the endless subscriptions of Norton, McAfee and others, you can really use this free tool. It’s called AppRemover and you can download it free from here. It’s sooooo good, we’ve named it our Freeware Pick this week. How about that!

Details for those who need to know:

Windows  XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Approx. 3.3 MB Windows executable

4 thoughts on “Remove pesky security suites with this Cloudeight freeware pick

  1. caroline edwards

    thank u so much 4 the advice – i have the Super anti spyware u suggested but i have microsoft essentials – pls don’t get out the violins but i am still in recovery mode from a stroke & the had to almost go back to 1 ‘turn on oven’ well not quite but close so if there is anyone out there who can give me a hand {i’ll settle 4 a cast of thousands} i would be most grateful peace b with u all caroline edwards

    1. infoave Post author

      We wish you well in your recovery. There’s nothing wrong with having both MSE and SUPERAntiSpyware – in fact that’s what we use and recommend.


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