Save paper, save ink with this Cloudeight Freeware Pick

By | September 17, 2011
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Money-saving, paper-saving printer manager
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
7.2MB download

Normally we wouldn’t recommend anything with a lowercase “I” in front of it; Apple has just about has everyone gagging with its overuse of the little “i”. So far have iPhone, iPod, iMac, iPad, and iImagine we will see more iThis and iThat coming – it’s as if Apple is bound to “i” us to the core (get it? Apple? Core?).

However when we found this nifty application, we realized that about 99% of you would love it, because we love you and we try to pick out free stuff that we love and we think you will love; love, love, love, all you need is love. Anyway…

How many times have you tried to print a Web page, and got stuff you don’t need, and don’t’ want? Lots of times. Even if you’re carefully and selectively printing from a Web page, you might get a floating advertisement or something you don’t want. This wastes paper and it wastes ink. We’re running out of trees and probably running out of ink – because no doubt ink is made from oil or something else we don’t have enough of, or the manufacture of ink is wiping out the entire species of Moldovan Mescamurks and putting them on the endangered species list, right beside EB and TC and our whole entire enterprise.

Ahem! Let’s get serious now. How about a nifty program that can save you money by saving you paper and saving you ink? Plus you’ll be helping all those baby Mescamurks too.

The developer of iPrint says:

“iPrint Version 6 is free, simple to use and saves your wallet as well as the planet. Do you want to decrease your printing expenses by up to 60%? Do you want to help protect the environment while also protecting your wallet? iPrint is the solution! Think about how much your organization spends each year on paper and ink costs – iPrint will reduce that number by 30-60% and it costs you nothing!

Automatically delete un-wanted pages. iPrint saves you time by automatically detecting and removing pages with no content. If you find additional unwanted pages, you can quickly select them for deletion with one simple click.

Print multiple pages on each sheet of paper. One of the ways iPrint saves you money is by scaling down pages so that you can fit two or four pages on each sheet of paper. This can add up to a huge savings fast, especially when you have large print jobs.

Eco-friendly. Not only does iPrint save you time and money, it also helps promote a healthier planet.

Collect print jobs. iPrint allows you to group together print job requests from multiple applications into a single iPrint session. From there, unwanted pages are automatically removed and any additional changes can be made. Yet another way to save time and money using iPrint…

Measure your savings. iPrint tracks your usage and reports what you print and what you save…

At the bottom of the main iPrint window there is a savings gauge that tells you exactly what you’d save if you printed right now – with your current iPrint settings. Changing and iPrint setting will update this savings gauge so you can see how the setting will affect your savings.”

Wow, and you thought you were going to get a concise and pithy summary didn’t you. Well, at least you know what our freeware pick does. Plus, using this program saves you money by saving paper and ink and the program costs you nothing at all. Duh! Of course it’s free, or it wouldn’t be a freeware pick of the week, right?

You can get more information, download, or even see a little video about iPrint by visiting the iPrint home page.

EB thanks you, TC thanks you, iPrint thanks you, and all those baby Mescamurks thank you. The trees thank you, Mother Earth thanks you, Mother Nature thanks you…

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    1. infoave Post author

      It’s pretty simple. If you have a problem, please write to the iPrint support team. I’m sure they can help you.


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