Share Your Favorite Windows Tips & Tricks

By | November 15, 2016
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Share Your Favorite Windows Tips & Tricks

We’d like to feature your favorite Windows tips & tricks in one of our upcoming newsletters.

Now come on, we know every one of you has their favorite Windows tip or trick. No matter how simple it is, by sharing it with us so we can share it with all our readers is sure to help someone else.

We’re all in this together – and we all need to help each other…so share your favorite tips & tricks with us. Just add your tips & tricks to the comment section.

If we get enough tips & tricks from you, we’ll feature them in one of our InfoAve Premium newsletters. So come on! Share your favorite Windows tips & tricks.


6 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Windows Tips & Tricks

  1. Joe Fardella

    A few weeks ago you had a tip about seeing your mouse pointer better,this is much the same but better still. ‘Right’ click your ‘START’ Button,slect ‘Control Panel,’slect ‘Ease of Access Centre’,in the list slect,’Make the Mouse Easier to Use’,then slect,in my case, i use ‘Large Inverting’,click ‘apply’,then check it out, this is so cool,it now changes to ‘dark’ on a white’ or light background’ or ‘White’ on a dark back ground,or anything in’ between’.I am using windows 10,but should be the same in any version of windows, Enjoy.

  2. Carol C.

    One feature I use daily is the built in Snipping Tool. A great little tool for snipping just what you need from a web page. It is a must for those who do genealogy! It is much better than using print screen. Maybe you can feature this built in tool sometime since many folks are unaware it is part of Windows.

  3. Carol Munson Ross

    For the contents of the Windows Explorer – highlight a folder or file, then hold down the CTRL key while using the mouse scroll wheel to change the size of the contents. While it goes through all the options of the ‘View’ tab, it also gives many sizes in between that are not available in the ‘View’ tab.

  4. Ron

    Hey that tip for viewing files is awesome! I am constantly changing views due to what I am working on. This makes it easy to get to info on a file. My favorites are 1. Jump lists from taskbar. Right click on an icon and get different options depending on the app that you want to use. 2. click on the clock and get your calendar . I also set it up to see what time it is in my home town and local time. 3. CTRL +Z to undo a delete.
    Thanks for all your help keeping us old guys up to date.

  5. Keith Hill

    Here is my tip and I have shared this with lots of people who are getting on in years and their vision is not what it used to be. If you want to see everything a little larger, just hold the control key down and press the “+” key without the quotes and watch everything on your screen letters and all get larger. If you want them back to normal hold down the control key and press the “-” key again without the quotes.

  6. Janice

    My tip is to move your taskbar from the bottom of the screen to the right side (or left) where there is much more room on most short top to bottom screens. Do this by right clicking an empty space on the taskbar to unlock it, done by left clicking the check mark beside “Unlock the taskbar” that appears in the list. You can now drag and drop the taskbar from the bottom to the side. Re-lock the taskbar if you want but it’s not necessary. You have now regained valuable real estate across the bottom.


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