Smile! You Might Be On Candid Camera

By | October 4, 2016
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spy-vs-spySmile! You Might Be On Candid Camera

We are don’t much like fear mongers, and we’re not writing this to scare you. But we did want you to be aware that your Web cam can be activated without your permission – and without your knowledge.

There is software available that can turn on your web cam without your knowledge or consent – and it can do so without the web cam active light illuminated.

In other words your web cam may be turned on and someone could be watching your or your home, and you would not be aware of it.

The same is true of the built-in microphone (generally laptops).

Here’s a low-tech solution for web cam hacks, courtesy of the NSA. Who knows more about spying than the NSA (other than EB)?

Tape over the webcam

Integrated webcams are great for video chats, but they’re also excellent tools for hackers to spy on users. And you would never know that you were being watched: Although the webcam indicator light is supposed to switch on when the camera activates, hackers have found ways to disable the light in certain laptop models.

According to the NSA, a simple, low-tech solution is to tape over your webcam—with black tape. If you’re worried that the sticky residue might damage the webcam, use black electricians tape to secure a small piece of paper or cardboard(cut to size) over the lens.

The chances of someone using your web cam to eavesdrop on you are slim. You shouldn’t lie awake at night worrying about it. But we just wanted you to know about it and show you and easy way to protect yourself, your home and your family. If you don’t use your Web cam or you don’t use it very much, why not just cover it, just in case? It only takes a few seconds.

6 thoughts on “Smile! You Might Be On Candid Camera

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    I’ve had my laptop camera covered since you mentioned this possible hacker intrusion several years ago. I don’t remember whether or not you mentioned the microphone back then, but now I have that protected, too. Thanks for keeping us informed. I wonder if this type of hack makes smartphones vulnerable too. I really worry about the kids especially.

  2. Barb

    I have always covered my camera on the PC. You never know when someone will activate it remotely

  3. Barb. (another Barb)

    My webcam resides in a drawer ever since I stopped using Skype because I had no sound, although Skype insisted it was operative. And so it is, with everything except Skype. So my webcam is in no danger of betraying whatever nefarious activities I might indulge in, but a big thank you for the info, I’ll pass that on to the family.

  4. Jason Miller

    You mentioned the microphone can be activated also but did not give a solution to that one. Is there anything low tech we can do about that?

    1. infoave Post author

      Control Panel/Sound/Recording – turn off your microphone there.


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