Some cool things you’ll like about Windows 10

By | July 8, 2015
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Some cool things you’ll like about Windows 10

Windows 10, is, in our opinion, the best Windows ever – next to Windows XP. And, if Microsoft would only include an Outlook-Express email client with it instead of the Windows Mail app – which may be OK on a smart phone or a tablet but is really bad on  laptop or desktop computer – we think Windows 10 would be the best Windows ever. Ah, but as the Rollings Stones say – “You can’t always get what you want”.

There are a lot of cool things about Windows 10 besides the re-introduction of the Windows Start Menu – which we all know and love. We’re not going to go into detail here, because were going to cover a bunch of cool things all in one article.

The Windows 10 3D Builder. I just started playing around with it, but having finished anything with it, but it’s fun to play with. We will keep you updated on the Windows 10 3D Builder.

Windows 10 includes a spiffy alarm clock that you can customize with a greeting of your choice. Because I’m so beaten down by EB, I chose to hear a woman’s voice waking me up with “Good morning, Handsome!”. But I could make it say anything I wanted? See? Look below:

You have as many options with this alarm as you do with the one on your smart phone – and a lot more than you do with that old Westclock alarm clock you bought at Woolworth’s in 1957 for fifty-four cents and still use.

Included with the alarm clock comes the World Clock. Kind of self-explanatory. You can add as many cities as you like to keep track of the time anyplace in the world.

Everyone needs a stop watch right? If you do exercises you want to know long you went before your chest starts hurting. There’s a timer too.  I need one of those because if I’m one second late for work, EB canes me. So I give my self 11 minutes, 14 seconds to shower, get dress and down a half bottle of wine before work. 🙂

Alarm clock, World Clock, Timer, Stopwatch. All in one. Yippee!

Just in case you can’t see very well, you can make the numbers really big. See? Look up!

Windows 10 Calculator does more than just calculate. Well I mean it calculates but not just addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, tangents, cosines – EB cosines for me whenever I need to buy something big – sines – you all wish I’d sine out. This calculator does some need stuff, I tells ya. Lookie…below!

You don’t need me to tell you what most of that stuff is, you can read. Some of the stuff I would never use, but a lot of it I would use often, and maybe you would too.

There are lots of cool things in Windows 10. It’s the second best Windows ever, next to Windows XP. And if Microsoft would just include a modernized (but not ruined) version of Outlook Express in Windows 10 – it would, without a doubt – be the best Windows ever.

With or without an Outlook Express desktop email client, Windows 10 is going to be a winner.

We will have more cool stuff you’ll like about Windows 10 coming up. Thanks for reading and putting up with me 🙂



7 thoughts on “Some cool things you’ll like about Windows 10

  1. Eileen V Ifill

    Oh, It all sounds so great! Can’t wait till the end of the month! Thank You for the peek!

  2. Keith Archer

    I might buy a new computer with W10 but keep my old one -just in case!

  3. Barb Branca

    Thanks for putting me at ease. For some reason I’ve been dreading Windows 10 but after reading what you have to say about it, I feel ever so much better. Now I’m looking forward to it!

  4. Barb Branca

    Thanks for all the info as I’ve been quite hesitant about Windows 10. Now I feel more relaxed and looking forward
    to it as it sounds quite interesting as well as a step up!

  5. Mary M

    Hey TC – thanks for all of the tutoring you do along the way . All appreciated . Just you wait till EB sees you picking on her again.:)

  6. Ron

    Great to hear that it’s as good as XP, now I will feel better about down loading it..thanks T.C.


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