Some interesting but seldom used keyboard shortcuts

By | February 6, 2013
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When browsing in Internet Explorer or Firefox that Shift+F10 brings up the right-click menu.

Pressing the Windows Key + Break key brings up “System Properties”

Have you ever been reading a document or Web site whose colors make it difficult to see where the cursor is located? You can use the CTRL key to point out the cursor to you if you enable this feature.

How do you do that?

Windows XP

Start—>Control Panel—->Printers and other hardware—>Mouse>Pointer Options—>
Now check “Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key”.

Windows Vista & Seven

Type Mouse in the start menu search. When Mouse appears at the top, click it. When the Mouse dialog opens, click the “Pointer Options” tab. Now check “Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key.”

Press the Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen keys switches on the High-Contrast mode (basically for visually impaired users). If you attempt this trick and you don’t like high contrast mode 🙂 you can switch it off by pressing the same key sequence again. Don’t be using this tip to set all your friends computers in High-Contrast Mode, they won’t know how to turn it off and they’ll be angry with you. Now don’t go blaming us for it!

Windows Key + U brings up the most annoying little voice you’ve ever heard (you can change it). It’s called Windows Narrator and it will read email and Web page text to you.

Press the “ALT” “Space” keys to bring up the Window Size/Move menu in most Windows applications.

The following tip is for Windows XP only:

Press Windows Key + R and type “calc” without the quotes to bring up the calculator or “Wupdmgr” (without the quotes) to go to Windows updates.

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    These pieces of information are terrific. The information you provide, whether big or small, all work together so that people actually learn and understand how to use their computers. Thank you, “again.” I’d like a dollar for every time I thought ‘thank you’ whenever I use something I have learned from you. I cannot spend a lot of time on the computer so I have more catching up than one can imagine. That’s why it is so great to purchase you E-Books. Now I have #9.


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