Some of Our Favorite Windows 10 Shortcuts

By | March 10, 2017
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Some of Our Favorite Windows 10 Shortcuts

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a list of Windows 10 shortcuts. We thought we post a list of our favorite Windows Shortcuts.

Shortcuts save you time, but only if you remember them. And you’ll only remember the ones you use.  Windows Key + i and Windows Key + x are two that you should be using a lot. So you should remember them!  Windows Key + X opens the so-called power menu (the same menu that you’ll see if  right-click the start button), and Windows Key + i opens Settings.

Here are some Windows 10 shortcuts we think you’ll find useful – some more than others, of course. These are the ones we use most often; we hope they will save you time too! The more you use a shortcut, the easier it is to remember. So try using keyboard shortcuts as often as you can. And remember, in Windows there are most always several ways to accomplish the same thing.

Note: In the tip below we use Winkey to represent the Windows Key. The Windows Key is the key with the Windows logo on it, usually located on the bottom row of your keyboard just to the right of the Ctrl key or the second key to the right of the Ctrl key. The exact location varies with computer manufacturer, keyboards, laptops, desktops, etc.

Winkey  Opens the Start menu
Winkey + E  Opens File Explorer
Winkey + Tab Activates Task View
Winkey + A Activates Action Center
Winkey + C Activates Cortana with speech
Winkey + D Shows desktop
Winkey + E Opens File Explorer
Winkey + G Activates Xbox game bar to let you record games or take screenshots.
Winkey + H Activates share feature in Windows 10 apps
Winkey + I Opens Windows 10 settings
Winkey + K Activates Connect feature to stream to wireless displays / audio devices
Winkey + L Locks the machine
Winkey + R Run a command
Winkey + S Activates Cortana
Winkey + Q Activates Cortana
Winkey + U Opens Ease of Access center
Winkey + X Opens power user features (Same as right-clicking the Windows 10 Start button.)
Winkey + Ctrl + D Creates a new virtual desktop
Winkey + Ctrl + F4 Close virtual desktop
Winkey + Ctrl + Left or Right Switch between virtual desktops
Winkey + Shift + Left or Right Move apps from one monitor to another.

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