Some Pointers for Making Your Mouse Pointer Easier to See

By | March 25, 2016
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Can you see your mouse pointer?

This tip is for Windows 10, but it should work on Windows 8x and Windows 7 too.

I don’t want to sound old (EB is old too), but lately I’ve been moving my mouse around and I can’t see my darn mouse pointer. Most pages web pages have white or very light backgrounds, so why is my mouse pointer white? You’re no spring chicken either, Mr. Bill Gates! Just because all the geeks you hire are twenty-something does not mean you don’t have old codgers like me using Windows.

If you’re like me and you find it hard to locate your mouse pointer sometimes, we’re going to show you how to make your mouse pointer bigger and blacker so you can actually see it with moving it around to find it.

It’s so easy to do. Click on your Start button and click “Settings” (you can also open Settings by using the Windows Key + I shortcut. I – like the pronoun). Then click on Ease of Access.

Cloudeight InfoAve

In the Ease of Access menu (above) click on “Mouse”.

Cloudeight InfoAve
You can change your pointer from white to black or black to white or black and white —  and you can make the pointer, small, medium or large. Above you can see under Pointer size I chose the largest size, and under Pointer color I choose black.

I got tired of hunting for my tiny white mouse pointer, and now I’m happy because I can actually find it very easily. See?

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

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6 thoughts on “Some Pointers for Making Your Mouse Pointer Easier to See

  1. Arnie

    GREAT TIP TC. I also have been having a problem trying to find the darn mouse. A Happy Easter to you and yours from Nova Scotia.

  2. Carol

    Thank you for the tip on changing my mouse pointer to black…….so easy to do and now I can see my mouse pointer !!

  3. Barbara Jansma

    Thank you for this great tip! These 80 year old eyes aren’t what they used to be. 🙂

  4. Marjorie Watts

    Thanks a bunch I am 75 and just had eye surgery for cataracts this makes finding my mouse so much better through the process.

  5. Sue

    I went through devices to change my pointer. But your way is definitely the shorter route.

  6. lynda

    This is great. thank you for sharing this with us.
    Have a great weekend.


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