Sometimes Newer is Not Always Better

By | May 20, 2018
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Sometimes Newer is Not Always Better

Today we’re going to share with you two sites we think you’ll find interesting. If you think that an older version of a program was better than the newer version you’re using, you will find the two sites we’re featuring today very useful.

It is true that new versions of software programs that have been around for some time are not always better than the old versions.  Maybe the developers have added more bells and whistles – features you don’t need or gave the program a new look that you don’t like.

Before we tell you about these two sites, we want to remind you that you installing old versions of software does not come without risk. You may find some older versions of software are susceptible to exploits or may have other security issues. We’re not trying to scare you, we’re just telling you that you have to be aware that there are risks. But there are risks anytime you browse the web, so risk is something all of us connected to the Internet deal with daily.

Some plain old good advice for everyone on this crazy, crazy Internet: Make sure you have excellent security installed… Emsisoft is what we use. Make sure you keep your computer updated with the latest updates, and always be vigilant so you don’t fall into traps or scams.

Now, if you are one of the many who often thinks that newer is necessarily better, here are two sites where you can find older software programs – and sometimes older versions of the software programs you’re currently using.

OLDVERSION.COM - Cloudeight Site Pick  offers 30,168 versions of 1,984 programs (as of today, May 20, 2018). Surely, there’s enough here to pique your interest – and certainly some programs will strike a chord of nostalgia within you – especially those who’ve been around the web as long as we have. We strongly advise you to stay clear of old browser versions. Browsers are updated frequently for a reason. Browsers are one of the main vectors for malware and other nasty stuff. So, while you may want to revisit Netscape (if it’s even still available) it’s best if you don’t.

Take a trip back in time and visit right now. - Cloudeight Site Pick

Last Freeware Version

Many programs that have evolved into commercial software — software you have to pay for – started off as Freeware.  Last Freeware Version lets you browses through thousands of freeware programs, many of which are still around today, but are no longer free. So, maybe the old freeware version doesn’t have as many features as today’s commercial version, but just maybe you don’t need all those bells & whistles.

Don’t dismiss this site because of the dates listed. If you don’t look closely you might think that this site has not been updated since 2013-2014, but if you look in the column on the right, you’ll see it was updated today – the day this article was posted: May 20, 2018.

Even if you’re not looking for a freeware version of a newer program, it’s fun to browse this vast archive of freeware. The site’s owner assures us that there is “no spyware” and “no adware” included with or in anything listed on this site. You’ll have to take his/her word for it – we have only tested a few of the downloads.

If you’re ready to go back in time to a day when true freeware ruled the Internet then it is time to visit Last Freeware Version right now.

One more slice of friendly advice

Make sure the program you download from either of these sites will work on your version of Windows. Generally speaking, if it works on Windows 7 or 8 it will work on Windows 10. Be sure to check on which versions of Windows the software will work.

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