Spring Things – A new Cloudeight Stationery collection

By | May 10, 2011
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Spring Things Stationery Collection

We’re pleased to introduce a brand new stationery collection today – it’s called “Spring Things”. This collection features bright spring themes, from the subtle to the bold. There is something for everyone in our newest collection.

This collection is available for the following email programs:

  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • IncrediMail

Visit our Spring Things stationery collection home page to preview and download our Stationery collection

12 thoughts on “Spring Things – A new Cloudeight Stationery collection

  1. MaryAnn Larson

    I have tried several times to download the Spring Things stationery, as I have done before with the other collections. I downloaded the new explorer 9, and it doesn’t like your site, saying it could b e dangerous, etc. The stationery doesn’t come down as it should. There are seperate html and eml files for each one, and they will not open into the Windows Live Mail program. Is there a way to override the objection, or put your web site name in a list of some kind, so it will be recognized as safe? I am very frustrated with this new safety notification which will not allow the stationery to download properly. Thank you for your help.

  2. infoave Post author

    Internet Explorer 9 has no objections to our site or this collection. In fact it says “Smart Screen filter has checked this site and did not find any threats”. If you’re getting a message that there’s some objection it’s not coming from Internet Explorer 9 – it’s coming from something else you installed – and it’s wrong. There’s nothing dangerous about this collection or our site. We’ve been making stationery files and web sites since 1998 and in over 35 million downloads there’s never been a single problem – nor will there ever be.

    Norton’s “SafeWeb” is a joke. WOT and other “safe surfing” toolbars and programs are a joke. Please make sure you don’t have Norton or some other Safe Surfing toolbar installed.


    1. D.

      I have had trouble with Norton’s SafeWeb on some sites that I knew were safe. How many people would have stopped there not knowing better? The minute I saw what Norton was doing with this Safe Web I knew we were in trouble. I’m curious to see if other anti-virus makers are going to go that route. I heard a man that had been in the computer business a long time say we would regret Wot and others to come along like it one day. He just did not think it was a good idea. As time has went along I see why…

  3. Robyn Bourke

    I cannot down load Spring things either. AVG anti virus says it could be dangerous also and would not let me. I have downloaded the other stationery for Windows Live and have not had a problem. Do you have any idea why now? Thank You RB

    1. infoave Post author

      Anyone who uses a program that won’t let them download something from a site they know is safe, should give some thought to what’s going on here. The “Safe Site” mania started by WOT is spreading to antivirus programs – AVAST, NORTON, MCAFEE apparently AVG – eventually all will be rating sites and telling you what’s safe. How long to you think it will be before sites will have to pay to be rated safe? It’s ridiculous, and as long as people buy in to these silly, inaccurate and dangerous ‘site rating’ services they are going to deserve what they get.

  4. Harold

    Spring things is very nice, but I like to have the music,if at all possible, I have windows mail. All the info and tips you send to all of us is great keep up the good work.

    1. infoave Post author

      You can easily add music to the stationery.

  5. gerhilde stulken

    I had for years Outlook express and enjoyed the Stationary from you. However we purchased a new Computer last year Windows 7, since then I have Windows live Mail.
    I was so delighted to get Spring Things an was told I can use it on my Windows live mail. Well it all downloaded but for the reasons unknown to me I can not get it in my e-mails
    Have you got any suggestions?

  6. Karyn

    Thank You for a wonderfyl spring stationary collection. I did not have any problems dow2nloading it.Keep up the good work

  7. Diane

    I did overide the objection and down- loaded sping things. However it will not work on windows 7 live mail apparently. The files were in html and jpeg and not eml when I downloaded it. So I had to delete it. I notice Spring time has been removed for the list for Windows 7. Is it being repaired? It seems here others are having the same problems. The other Stationary – St. Patricks etc. I downloaded work fine on windows 7 and are in eml. Apparently there is some problem with the spring one? It was lovely so I hope it gets repaired to work. I will download it again then.


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