Tabs in Internet Explorer – Re-opening Closed Tabs and More!

By | April 21, 2011
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Have you ever had a bunch of tabs open in Internet Explorer, only to find later in your browsing session that you closed one you didn’t mean to, or want to quickly return to a closed tab? History can be a lot of bulk to go through to find a prior view paged, but if you right click on any open tab, you can get a quick history of closed tabs. To re-open, just click the one you want to open, or you can even choose to open all the previously closed tabs in your session.  See screenshot below:

InfoAve by Cloudeight

The following work in Internet Explorer 8 and 9:

For even more fun, try click Control + Shift + T .. this will re-open a previously closed tab, and if you keep clicking “Control + Shift + T” you can keep re-opening closed tabs in consecutive order. To be more specific, click Control + Shift + T,  and it will open the 2nd to the last closed tab.. and again will open the third tab back you closed, and so on. You get the idea.

Other Quick tips in this menu include shortcuts to do even more with tabs:

  • Control + W – Close tab
  • F5 – Refresh open tabbed page
  • Control + T – Opens a new tab
  • Control + K – Duplicates the tab

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