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Getting Old My Way

Getting Old My Way It’s hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner. It seems just the other day I was sweating my way through mowing the grass on the first “official” weekend of summer – that would be Memorial Day Weekend for those of you who don’t live in the USA. I… Read More »

Goodbye Ellen Raspberry

Goodbye Ellen Raspberry So many years ago, we were young and full of life, and now, well now, we’re old and our vigor has  drained away like the sand in the hourglass of life.  All we are left with are our memories. The road behind us is sunny and bright; the road ahead is dark… Read More »

Life Is Fair

So I go out for breakfast today. I ordered two braised eggs – don’t ask – with sourdough toast and coffee. And I’m sitting there putting ketchup on my eggs when three young girls walk in. These girls are probably late teens. Anyway, they are all wearing shorts – and I mean SHORTS – and… Read More »