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Making the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place When I was in high school and later, college, my friends and I all thought the establishment consisted of a bunch of rich, old, gray-haired men who sat upon velvet thrones and decreed idiotic and senseless decrees to the all us peons in the world. We were not going… Read More »

On Crocuses and Life

On Crocuses and Life I don’t have much of a life, I guess. I’ve been waiting all winter to see some form of life spring forth from the cold, almost-still-frozen earth. Normally, the first things to spring forth are the crocuses, and most years these hearty little flowers start poking their heads up through the… Read More »

Waiting, Worrying, Savoring

Waiting, Worrying, Savoring As I looked out my living room window this morning, my first reaction was disappointment and dismay. Another morning, another snowy landscape, another hour of clearing snow from the driveway and sidewalk. It’s February, I’m in the Great Lakes region of the USA, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I looked at the… Read More »

February: The Longest Month of the Year

February: The Longest Month of the Year To me, February is the worst month of the year and here we are again… the first day of February. Though February is the shortest month, it seems like the longest month to me. February this year, like most years, has twenty-eight days. By the time it is… Read More »

I’m a Lucky Guy

I’m a Lucky Guy Life is full of surprises and twists and turns – and I come to the conclusion that life is not fair. So what? You just roll with the punches. Life is not easy and anyone young enough to believe that fallacy will find out quickly how wrong they are. Most of… Read More »