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Bridges Once there was a time when I could hear the sound of birds singing and feel the warmth of the sun washing over me – and the beauty of a blossoming spring touched my soul and raised my spirits and brought the light of happiness into my life. This morning for reasons unknown to… Read More »

Be Healthy: Eat Your Pulses

Be Healthy: Eat Your Pulses In my never-ending endeavor to be healthy, I read an article about healthy eating written by a nutritionist. It was interesting and informative, and I learned how much I don’t know about healthy eating. Maybe you don’t know much about healthy eating either. If you read his you’ll be eating… Read More »


Maybe Maybe. What a word. What a sentence! Maybe I’ll live to be one hundred. Maybe I won’t. Probably won’t, but maybe I don’t want to. Maybe. Our lives are made up of maybes. You can hardly get through a single day without one. Maybe I’ll have a salad for lunch instead of a cheeseburger… Read More »


Flying The clouds so white, the sky so blue, how perfect the summer day. A warm, but not hot, ordinary Sunday in July. A day embroidered in clear heavenly blue, and angels all dressed in white and dancing, each to her own rhythm, across the sky unknown directions. It may have been a dream, but… Read More »

Dear Spud

Dear Spud Dear Spud, I nose ewe really like spell checkers, butt I dew knot. Eye tried really hard to spell well four ewe, Spud. I really did. Spud, thank ewe so much fore your let her. Ewe will bee glad to nose that eye have taken your add vice and in stalled a spelling… Read More »


Otis Otis died on Monday. Otis was my best friend ever. I’ve never had a better one. But how can I tell you about a friendship that lasted more than a decade so you will understand? There we so many things Otis and I did together. All the memories come flooding back. Walking along the… Read More »