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On Life and Love

On Life and Love Sitting here this morning waiting for spring. No particular reason I should be hopeful. No green shoots burrowing up from the frozen mud. Patches of dirty snow paint the colorless landscape with dirty white spots. No reason to be hopeful at all. But life and love are eternal and so is… Read More »

The Fighters

The Fighters Nah, we’re not those kinds of fighters. We’re not the kind of fighters that throw knockout punches or wild left hooks. We’re fighters fighting for you and fighting to keep our small business going. If you have a small business, then you know that you have to be a fighter to survive, because… Read More »

I Hates Verbs

I Hates Verbs I’ve never much cared for verbs.  I’m an adjective kind of guy. This morning I came across a quote from one of my favorite authors, Lewis Carroll. I don’t have many favorite authors, but Lewis Carroll is one of them because of his wonderful word play. You’re probably thinking, “What quote?” aren’t… Read More »

It’s February

It’s February …To those of us who knew the pain Of valentines that never came And those whose names were never called When choosing sides for basketball It was long ago and far away The world was younger than today And dreams were all they gave for free To ugly duckling girls like me… (Janis… Read More »

On Walmart and Bonnie: The Joys Of Growing Old

On Walmart and Bonnie: The Joys Of Growing Old Getting old isn’t much fun, no matter what you hear from those who claim they’re happier being old than they were being young.  Bull hockey I tells ya! That’s just someone trying to make their old age seem more tenable. It’s just pure nonsense, because I’m… Read More »

Winter Walks

Winter Walks “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray. “I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day… (“California Dreamin’ ” by John and Michelle Phillips) Christmas is over. The streets once lit by cheerful lights celebrating the Christmas season are dark again. In my little town, this is really the beginning… Read More »