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Spam is Fun!

Spam is Fun! Note:  Please don’t try this at home. This is only for goofy people like me to try. If you read this and follow my example, you’ll probably only end up wasting time and getting more spam. Therefore this warning: If you follow my example you do so at your own peril.  (Was… Read More »

Plum Brook

Plum Brook In the tall winds the seeds of old memories drift. On the updrafts and downdrafts and the vortexes of the tall winds, the tiny fragments of our lives float. Up and down and around they swirl, just below the veil of consciousness they tumble in the tall winds, until once in a while,… Read More »

Twilight Time

Twilight Time Some nights I have trouble drifting off to sleep. I have so much on my mind: The events of the day, swirling; troubles bubbling up, worries weighing heavily, all stirred together into a dark disturbing dissonance. Most nights, however, when the convergence of daily troubles and worries from days and weeks and months… Read More »

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day The sound of rain falling, cascading down the eaves, rushing to be free: This is the perfect soundtrack for a pensive day. Sometimes I feel so sad and lost, but I realized today, I cannot even manage to summon up a single tear. I think I have cried all the tears allotted… Read More »

He Left the Candle Burning

He Left the Candle Burning He left the candle burning, just as she had asked him to do. Though it had been seven years since she went away, every evening at nightfall he would light a candle. Every night while he tried to sleep through his pain and his loneliness, the candle flickered silently casting… Read More »

Getting Old My Way

Getting Old My Way It’s hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner. It seems just the other day I was sweating my way through mowing the grass on the first “official” weekend of summer – that would be Memorial Day Weekend for those of you who don’t live in the USA. I… Read More »