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Ancient Souls

Ancient Souls I was seventeen-years-old and one of my best friends at the time told me I had an ancient soul. He told me I came from another time and another place. At the time I found it off-putting; I didn’t take it as a compliment. I tried to find a different soul and chose… Read More »

Daffodils in the Snow

Daffodils in the Snow It’s been a unusually brutal spring this year – unlike any I can remember. In fact, this spring hasn’t even slightly lived up to its name. Spring is supposed to be a time of rain showers and sun and temperatures climbing from the frosty depths of winter on their way to… Read More »

Having Fun Getting Old

Having Fun Getting Old For years and years I fought the facts of life – NOT THOSE! I fought the fact of life that I, the young man in a crummy old body, am getting OLD. I used to protest loudly if someone even dared called me a “senior” that I was getting to be… Read More »

Easter at Eleven

Easter at Eleven Raindrops, a yellow tulip, a white carnation and a new blazer. I was eleven-years-old on that Easter Sunday – all those years ago. I remember it all so well. My mom had died the autumn previous and I felt rather alone in the world – although I shouldn’t have. My grandparents, as… Read More »

Making the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place When I was in high school and later, college, my friends and I all thought the establishment consisted of a bunch of rich, old, gray-haired men who sat upon velvet thrones and decreed idiotic and senseless decrees to the all us peons in the world. We were not going… Read More »