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Be Healthy: Eat Your Pulses

Be Healthy: Eat Your Pulses In my never-ending endeavor to be healthy, I read an article about healthy eating written by a nutritionist. It was interesting and informative, and I learned how much I don’t know about healthy eating. Maybe you don’t know much about healthy eating either. If you read his you’ll be eating… Read More »


Maybe Maybe. What a word. What a sentence! Maybe I’ll live to be one hundred. Maybe I won’t. Probably won’t, but maybe I don’t want to. Maybe. Our lives are made up of maybes. You can hardly get through a single day without one. Maybe I’ll have a salad for lunch instead of a cheeseburger… Read More »


Flying The clouds so white, the sky so blue, how perfect the summer day. A warm, but not hot, ordinary Sunday in July. A day embroidered in clear heavenly blue, and angels all dressed in white and dancing, each to her own rhythm, across the sky unknown directions. It may have been a dream, but… Read More »

Dear Spud

Dear Spud Dear Spud, I nose ewe really like spell checkers, butt I dew knot. Eye tried really hard to spell well four ewe, Spud. I really did. Spud, thank ewe so much fore your let her. Ewe will bee glad to nose that eye have taken your add vice and in stalled a spelling… Read More »


Otis Otis died on Monday. Otis was my best friend ever. I’ve never had a better one. But how can I tell you about a friendship that lasted more than a decade so you will understand? There we so many things Otis and I did together. All the memories come flooding back. Walking along the… Read More »

Remember the Sound of Rain

Remember the Sound of Rain Have you ever really listened to the rain? Have you memorized the sound of it as it pours down on the streets and the roofs and the leaves and the grass? Now… it’s the first day of Summer. It’s bright and hot and at it seems like autumn is a… Read More »